Japanese netizens used a handle to connect electrodes to make a pain mask generator

No Pain, No Gain.

In a video of less than 1 minute, a little brother’s face is covered with tape and electrodes, and another perspective aimed at the controller of the handle is shown in the upper right corner.

This kind of scene where the real person and the handle appear at the same time are mostly used by the UP master of the game area to show his real operation. But there is no game part that needs to be operated in this video. The device controlled by the other end of the handle is actually the little brother’s face.


As you can see from the picture, the buttons on the handle are bound to the muscles on the little brother’s face: the two shoulder buttons control the left and right blinking, the right joystick controls the lower lip, and the left joystick controls the eyebrows.

The principle to achieve this control effect is actually very simple, that is, to send a signal through the handle, and after the controller receives the signal, it commands the power supply to send out a tiny current to stimulate the muscles on the face and force it to contract.

It’s just that the process of realization is a little bit painful, after all, no matter how small the current is, it is also electricity, and there is no way to control the muscles when they are stimulated. Even if you try to put on a relaxed expression, your face will only be tangled like you’re wearing a mask of pain.

输入基本无延迟,很赞 There is basically no delay in input, which is great

Most people are probably confused when they see the video at first. After they figure out what happened in just 50 seconds, they will probably forget the twisted expression of the little brother.

又一名野生的无用发明家出现了 Another Wild Useless Inventor Appears

The video tweet, which was posted on April 15, has so far garnered 14,000 retweets and nearly 70,000 likes. According to the information of the Twitter blogger @handaru20pF, the author is from Japan, he says he is a graduate student, and he likes to fiddle with useless things.

比如这个看起来像电阻但其实是杀人用的钝器 For example, this one looks like a resistor but is actually a blunt weapon for murder

In the communication with netizens, he mentioned that in addition to the Logitech handle in his hand, his expression controller code can be used smoothly with the Switch handle, PS4 handle, and keyboard.

He not only explained to netizens in detail how simple this thing is to make, just write a string of code, add a controller, and stick the contacts soaked in salt water to the face. The only thing to pay attention to is that you must pay attention to finding the acupuncture points, otherwise the muscles will not respond most of the time.

To demonstrate the principle, he also re-recorded a video of the electrode stimulating the arm and controlling the movement of the middle finger.


Therefore, some netizens began to imagine: if this device is installed on the patients with facial paralysis and paralysis, will they be saved?

Sadly, as magical as it may seem, it’s the same thing as putting salt on a dead frog’s leg and the frog kicking it. Although it is control, it is better to say twitching. Electric current can only stimulate muscles to contract. As for the strength of the contraction, whether it can maintain the contracted state or relax freely, it is not a problem that such a small device can solve.

There are at least 40 muscles in the human face, and each of them must cooperate with each other to make a relatively subtle expression. It is necessary to use the machine to freely control it. I am afraid that there is still a long, long way to go.

The author himself also explained that his own experience is actually quite painful. He also reminded everyone on the Github code page that this thing is risky and should not be tried lightly.

所以从理论上来说,找十个人对着脸上弹橡皮筋也可以做到 So in theory, it can be done by finding ten people to play rubber bands on their faces.

As for the inspiration for this expression controller, he admitted that it actually came from a video he saw when he was in elementary school.

真·原作者看起来也挺痛苦的 The original author seems to be suffering too

The video, titled “Facial Current Stimulation Test 3”, was uploaded as early as 2008. The author is not an EMG expert or inventor, but a very famous Japanese artist Daito Manabe (daito
manabe), Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yoko Kanno and others have worked with him.

Most of his works are related to the performance of media and technology. This ancient video has also obtained good data on YouTube, and people still come to leave messages.

真锅大度个人艺术网站的主页 The homepage of Dadu Manabe’s personal art website

It can only be said that this time, the influence of art is a little bigger, which can make handaru20pF remember it from elementary school to now, and then make a prototype by himself. For him, Mabe Daita may be the kindest enlightenment teacher.

In comparison, when some netizens see electrodes and muscles, they immediately think of another enlightenment teacher’s artistic performance – for us, it may be a little too advanced.

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