“Jiangnan Leather Factory” is popular in short videos, and a live broadcast of clearance sells millions?

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Author|Zhang Yi, Huang Xiaoyi

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“Bao’er, due to the impact of the epidemic, our physical store can’t continue, you know.” In a clothing live broadcast room on Douyin, someone on the public screen asked “why the price is so cheap”, the anchor glanced around, and then He whispered as he approached the camera’s secret connection.

After the whisper, the anchor began to shout loudly again: “I’ll give you the clearance price. One piece is 9 yuan and 9. Babies, buy three get one free, buy four get two free, the more you buy, the better the deal.”

In this situation, people can’t help but recall the brainwashing magic song “Jiangnan Leather Factory closed down” widely circulated in the Jianghu.

▲ Picture source: Internet ▲ Picture source: Internet

“Zhejiang Wenzhou, Zhejiang Wenzhou, the largest leather factory, Jiangnan Leather Factory closed down! The boss Huang He owes 350 million yuan for food, drink, whoring, gambling, and ran away with his sister-in-law. We have no choice but to use our wallets to cover our wages. The original price They are all wallets of more than three hundred, more than two hundred, and more than 100, all twenty yuan, all twenty yuan…”

At that time, this “Big Clearance” Divine Comedy reverberated all over the country, and was dubbed “Yellow Crane Body” by netizens. This “Yellow Crane Recording” is rich in information, straightforward in words, and attractive in price, and has been used by many vendors selling fake leather goods.

In 2018, Jiangnan Leather Factory really went bankrupt, and “Yellow Crane Recording” gradually faded out of people’s sight, but the big clearance business of blood loss and jumping property prices is still blooming everywhere. With the penetration of live broadcast e-commerce, the business of big clearance is no longer limited to brainwashing in small towns, but has spread from offline to online.

Around December 2021, Douyin, Kuaishou, Pinduoduo and other platforms began to intensively appear a new way of live selling goods-clearance live broadcast, attracting users with ultra-low prices, and gradually spread from Guangzhou Shisanhang clothing to shoes and bags , snacks and other commodities.

There was a saying on the Internet that “the Yellow Crane escape sales model earns a thousand yuan a day”, and now there is also the lofty ambition of “the Douyin Clearance account sells one million in a live broadcast”. With the blessing of the short video era, the sales space of the big clearance business seems to have grown exponentially.

“The Thirteen Lines Clearance account sold more than 1 million in a live broadcast, with a commission rate of 10% to 20%.” A Douyin blogger who claimed to be “The Thirteen Lines Clearance Number Play Ceiling” shared in a video that no one Live streaming and trying to sell related courses. As can be seen from another video he shared: the order data and commission data within 7 days are quite impressive.

▲ Screenshot of the above blogger's video ▲ Screenshot of the above blogger’s video

However, this statement and behavior has also been questioned. “Selling one million a day, and now selling these dozens of yuan classes?” a netizen commented and asked.

Is the short video clearance live broadcast really a new continent for the Nuggets? When the traditional offline clearance becomes an online business, what are the differences? Is this a sustainable business?

Clearance Live Version 2.0

At 11 o’clock in the evening, Li Li was still mechanically passing the styles one by one in the live broadcast room, even though there were only 5 people in the live broadcast room at this time.

“We will broadcast at least 8 hours a day. I hope it will be longer and see if we can sell more pieces. Although it is easier to do online than offline, it saves rent, but it takes time and is very tiring.”

Li Li opened a physical clothing store in Jiangxi, mainly dealing in fashion women’s clothing, but due to the impact of the epidemic, the physical store was forced to close, and a large backlog of inventory required sales channels. Recently, Douyin live broadcast selling clearance products is very hot, and she is also trying this path.

In a narrow room, Li Li and a friend run the live broadcast room together: Li Li is responsible for going abroad to explain the payment, and the friend is responsible for organizing the goods and acting as customer service. “There are not many people in the live broadcast room now, and two people are busy.” She said.

She did not disclose the specific sales volume that can be achieved in a day, but from her live broadcast room, due to the low unit price of clothes, a single customer will choose to buy multiple pieces, but because the live broadcast room has just been launched for a few days, the popularity is not high, the traffic is scarce, and the overall transaction volume Has not yet formed a scale.

“It’s all natural traffic. If you really want to do it, you must keep doing it.” Li Li is more “Buddha”, she believes that there is no rent pressure, and slowly clearing the warehouse online will not cause too much cost pressure.

It was very hard to start the account in the early stage, and there are many variables in the future. In contrast, the so-called “thirteen lines of unmanned live broadcast” model is a shortcut.

▲ Screenshot of the unmanned live broadcast room ▲ Screenshot of the unmanned live broadcast room

“Many sisters didn’t dare to take pictures when they saw that the price of the little yellow car was so cheap. If I didn’t have so many goods in my hands this year, and I was so anxious that I couldn’t sleep at night, I wouldn’t have given this price. I usually wholesale at stalls. Clothes priced at three or five hundred will be sold today for thirty or fifty for you, and they will be sold indiscriminately, and the warehouse will be cleared at a loss.” In the picture, a person’s finger has been pointing to the clothes display area.

In fact, this is a “live room” made of audio + pictures + post-production. “I always thought that someone was broadcasting live, but then I saw that my fingers kept moving the same way. Someone asked the anchor and there was no interaction. After a closer look, I found out that it was fake, not a live broadcast at all.” Wang Yi complained that the so-called unmanned live broadcast routine was too deep.

Use ultra-low prices to attract traffic, just hang an audio and picture to make a picture, without the need for a real person to appear on the scene to explain, users can shop by themselves in the link. This is actually similar to the traditional offline “Jiangnan Leather Factory closed down” routine, but the online model reduces operating costs and increases potential traffic.

“The core of unmanned live broadcast is to build a scene that highlights product price, quality, and cost-effectiveness, and captures the psychology of users to take advantage. For example, you can hang high-value down jackets and furs on hangers, and write 39 yuan and 29 yuan. The price of rejection is called scene retention.” The blogger who sold courses mentioned above explained.

However, there are also voices that these so-called “Thirteen Lines Clearance Sources” are not from the Thirteen Lines market at all, but from the Select Alliance. “Clearance accounts are sold by selected alliances, and there is no need to ship and stock up on their own.” A blogger said.

Low cost, high profit. There are rumors that everything can be “thirteen lines”.

The true and false “Thirteen Lines” were confused, but Li Li sneered at the gameplay of no one live broadcast.

“One account was blocked in two days. Whether the gameplay of Thirteen Lines is successful or not depends on luck.” Li Li said that the so-called unmanned live broadcast mode was originally illegal. “It’s very troublesome to play well, and it’s difficult to get a large-scale return. How can the white wolf with empty gloves be so easy to do.”

▲A lot of thirteen line clearance numbers, the picture comes from Douyin ▲A lot of thirteen line clearance numbers, the picture comes from Douyin

Searching for the live broadcast of Thirteen Lines Clearance on the short video platform, there are indeed many “bad reviews” under related videos:

“Liar, the price is more than one yuan, but it costs more than ten yuan to buy it.”

“The quality is too bad, and the return cannot be returned.”

Some netizens even scolded directly to their hearts: “Deceiving business does not last long, and long-term business does not lie.”

“Those who sell courses, if the Thirteen Lines model is so profitable, would they share so generously? And it’s really easy to do, and the course price of dozens of yuan is too low.” In response to “selling one million a day” Li Li said that this result needs to be questioned.

The beginning of everything is difficult. Regarding the difficulty of starting an account, Yang Wang, who also operates factory clearance clothing, shared his experience: “In the early stage, you can buy the last item, which is cheap and low cost. You need to accumulate fans in the early stage, and the price is not particularly high. You won’t be able to accumulate fans with your clothes.” He said that such an early accumulation process will take about a month, and the popularity will come up.

“Affected by the epidemic now, many places are not allowed to shoot. In the long run, there will be explosive consumption in these places after the epidemic is over. This is an opportunity.” Yang Wang is very optimistic about the online clearance business.

“Holding orders” ignites the emotions in the live broadcast room of clearance

The gimmicks that create ultra-low prices and the highly speculative unmanned live broadcasts are regarded as “one-shot deals”, and the highlight moment is only a flash in the pan.

Qin Kai thinks this approach is “to narrow the road”. Although it is a live broadcast of the clearance, he believes that it still needs a quality foundation, not a pure low price, but also a real clearance, not relying on the selected alliance to get the goods.

“I still have more than 10,000 pairs of Guangzhou leather shoes. The recycling price is a few yuan, and I can sell them for 19.9 yuan, but they are disposable leather shoes. Now I mainly sell some better quality Chengdu leather shoes. The cheap quality is not good. Okay, I’d rather hit my hand first.”

Usually, Qin Kai’s job is to go to major shoe factories to receive goods, mainly to recycle some factory inventory and broken shoes at a low price. He is not only a distributor supplying live broadcast rooms, but also a partner directly involved in the operation of some live broadcast rooms. .

“If someone wants to do a live broadcast of clearance, they can take their shoes directly from me. I make less money in this mode, and they can also do a live broadcast with me. We share the inventory pressure and profits equally.” In this way, Qin Kay also found a way to make a fortune.

Searching for “Chengdu Leather Women’s Shoes Clearance” on Douyin can search for multiple different accounts. Wenhui is also working on a clearance account through family-based operations: live broadcast by herself, and two family members do customer service and product selection.

▲The clearance live room on the Kuaishou platform ▲The clearance live room on the Kuaishou platform

Because the shoes are broken, there are many styles and incomplete sizes. In order to solve this problem, Wenhui, like other live broadcast rooms that sell shoes, uses a pair of shoes to pass through, and the mode of rushing to call the number to clear the warehouse and live broadcast.

This method is similar to opening a blind box, which will stimulate consumers’ expectations for the next product and arouse users’ desire to interact in the live broadcast room.

This is what is often referred to as “holding back orders”. Through operational means, the number of people online is increased, and at the same time, the audience in the live broadcast room can be screened and interacted, creating a very hot atmosphere in the live broadcast room. By letting the audience continue to pay attention and deduct points, let these people continue to stay in the live broadcast room and be in a highly excited state. With the help of platform push rules, the live broadcast room will become popular and attract more new users to enter. When the time is ripe and the audience’s mood rises to the extreme, the main broadcast will broadcast the “Benefits of Holding Orders”, and the products will be easily sold.

▲The tutorial of holding a single speech, the picture comes from Xiaohongshu ▲The tutorial of holding a single speech, the picture comes from Xiaohongshu

“After the interaction rate increases, you come up with a new product that is really cheap (in line with user expectations), and users will pay attention to you first. The data of adding fans and interaction are done, and the conversion rate of cheap products can also increase as soon as they come out, so that Staying high will also generate continuous traffic.” A blogger with more than ten years of e-commerce experience analyzed this model in the video.

Wenhui live broadcasts every morning and evening. In March, when the seasons change, winter boots, spring shoes and summer sandals are very popular in her live broadcast room. The number of online viewers naturally exceeded 1,500 at one time, and every pair of shoes will be instantly dismissed. snatched. According to observations, its live broadcast room can sell 400-500 pairs of shoes a day at its peak.

So how big is the profit?

Qin Kai’s supply and most of the supply of Chengdu women’s shoes live broadcast room have a lot of the same style. According to Qin Kai, the recycling price at the factory is about 50 yuan per pair of shoes. And through the observation of multiple clearance accounts, it is found that the price of most live broadcast rooms is stable at 79 yuan.

“Some people can make a profit of more than 10,000 yuan a day, and buy a car and a house in half a year. Under normal circumstances, they can sell 40 pairs a day, and a month’s profit is about 20,000 yuan.” Qin Kai said: “There is no one who can’t in this industry. Earn 20,000 a month! If you can’t earn 20,000 a month after working, then you should go to work.”

The way out after the bonus period

Recently, Wen Hui suddenly became “Desperate Saburo”.

Because there are more and more live broadcast rooms for the clearance of genuine leather women’s shoes, everyone is similar in terms of shoe styles, routines, and live broadcast modes. In order to snatch the market, major live broadcast rooms are all in-roll live broadcast time.

Wen Hui opened a new live broadcast account, and the two live broadcast rooms alternated, which is equivalent to sometimes needing to broadcast from morning to night. Despite working hard on the length of the live broadcast, it is difficult to stop the decline of the bonus period.

Previously, there were thousands of people in the live broadcast room, and there were around three or four hundred people in normalization, but recently, the number of people online has dropped sharply, and it is difficult to exceed 200 people at the highest, and it will stay at around 100 people for a long time.

The reason is that Wenhui has formed more “returning customers” by establishing community operations. Although shoes are cheap, a person’s seasonal demand is also limited, and the average user value ceiling is obvious unless new traffic is generated.

However, according to another Wang Qi, who is doing live streaming of clothing clearance on Kuaishou, there is also a lot of competition for live streaming of clearance. In the past, the platform would give good natural traffic, but now there is no traffic subsidy. “Basically, if you don’t spend money, there will be no one. I invest one hundred or two hundred in traffic fees for a live broadcast, and I can earn a thousand dollars.” She said: “Live broadcast is not easy to do now, but it is still better than part-time work. “

“If you keep watching these live broadcasts, the platform will push similar live broadcast rooms to you, so you don’t have to stay in a live broadcast room at all. Many companies have the same source of goods. What you can’t get from one company can easily be found in another store. After buying it, why bother to spend time squatting?” said one user.

For Wenhui, when players poured in, the circle suddenly became crowded, not only because of the lack of traffic, but also how to form a differentiated feature that attracts users after homogenization.

▲Image source: Qianjiang Evening News ▲Image source: Qianjiang Evening News

For Wen Hui, who has accumulated a certain number of community fans through the live broadcast room before, she hopes to form differentiation in products. . Not long ago, she tried to launch many new regular-priced new products in the live broadcast room, driving sales by buying a pair of regular-priced shoes and getting a pair of special-priced shoes.

However, despite the gimmick of “buy one get one free”, users who have bought 79 yuan shoes themselves pursue cost-effectiveness, and it is difficult to spend several times more because of the “new style”. Therefore, after a few days of trying, Wenhui’s live broadcast room no longer has regular-priced new products.

In response to the problem of intensified competition and high traffic prices, Qin Kai thought about it and seemed to have no better long-term development secret: “Others sell 89, I will sell 69.” Facing competition, he still inevitably returns to the price war.

The timing of lying down and earning is like a flash in the sky. After the bonus period, the smashing clearance live broadcast will also face the same problems as normal live broadcast sales: traffic and conversion.

If you want to become a long-term and lasting business, the live broadcast channel of clearance is difficult and long.

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