Joined the “10 Years” blogging program

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A few days ago, I received this email in my mailbox:

【Ten Years Appointment】Welcome to the Ten Years Appointment!

I’m happy to inform you that your application has been reviewed, and welcome to join the 10-year appointment!

From today, you are a full member of the 10-year Covenant! When you receive this email, your blog’s ten-year contract officially takes effect, please take this contract seriously!

Joined the "10 Years" blogging program

In the past few years, I have seen that many bloggers have joined the “10-Year Appointment” blogging program. In order to get to know more independent bloggers and encourage myself to continue to update my blog, I have made a contribution to the “Ten-Year Appointment” in the middle of this month. The project team applied to join and was successfully approved. What is the meaning of “Ten Years’ Covenant”? It is to change blogging from a hobby to a habit and persist for ten years. It is indeed a very meaningful activity, and I sincerely invite you and me to participate together!

Compared with ten years ago, the content quality of the Chinese Internet has declined at a speed that is visible to the naked eye: first, the phenomenon of a hundred flowers blooming in the early years no longer exists, there are too few excellent content exporters, and the entire Chinese Internet is flooded with negative energy speeches and collection sites; many people He spends a lot of time indulging in the “Nipple Music” apps such as Toutiao and Douyin, and lacks personal in-depth thinking and high-quality content output. At the same time, products from Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent put more emphasis on their own ecology and forcibly seal user-generated content on their own platforms, which violates the spirit of opening up Internet content. In addition, there is too much irresponsible speech, and fewer and fewer voices of good reason are heard.

Luckily, we have an independent blog that produces a lot of quality content! Do you happen to find your own independent blog when you are looking for information on a search engine?

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