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Recently, Jay Chou released a new song, which became the top of the digital album sales chart in one day, and became the top of the daily sales, weekly sales, annual sales and total sales charts.

Total Sales Ranking

As a person who grew up listening to Jay Chou songs, I am naturally happy with such a scene. The singer I like is still the one that everyone likes.

However, in addition to being happy, it also made me think, why is this so? Why is a singer who has sung songs for 22 years (the first album “Jay Lun” was released in 2000, and it has been 22 years since then), and can still be loved by the public? What is so good behind it that makes people continue to be fascinated by him.

Of course, I think Jay Chou’s singing skills, creative ability, etc. are all good, except that the lyrics are inaudible, there is nothing wrong with them. But that’s not all, the new generation of singers also have people of a similar level.

Why is that?

After thinking about it carefully, probably Jay Chou was born in the right era. According to the data of the sixth census , there are 228 million people born in the 1980s, 174 million people born in the 1990s, and 146 million people born in the 2000s. Jay Chou is lucky, his songs have influenced the post-80s and post-90s, and at least 400 million people. In addition, the post-00s often have parents from the post-80s generation, and they will listen to some songs with them, and they will also be silent affect part. The base of 400 million people is naturally easy to top the list. And as the population declines, it is difficult for a new generation of singers to break through this limit unless they are extremely good. The order of magnitude gap brought about by population is incomparable.

Of course, there will be the culture of this fan circle in the future to increase sales, but this can only solve the problem of making money for singers, not the problem of influence. 1 person buys 100 albums and 100 people buy 1 album each, I believe that singers will prefer the latter, because the latter can make the influence continue to expand.

Can’t help but sigh, even if you are a genius, you still need the opportunity of the times. Jay Chou has undoubtedly caught up with a good era.

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