Justin Sun took the digital zodiac animal head to the sea for the first time, and Chinese NFTs became popular in the European community

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As the global NFT market becomes larger and larger, some Chinese NFTs have begun to enter the international market one after another, but they have yet to shine. It stands to reason that China’s traditional culture and history have a long history, and its advantages in the field of culture and art are very obvious. Perhaps some of the reasons are due to the lack of opportunities and the advancement of industry leaders.

From May 25th to 27th, Europe has just held an NFT-themed event called NFTBERLIN . Justin Sun was invited to attend the exhibition online and brought many precious collections such as digital zodiac animal heads to the exhibition. Many people think this is the trend of Chinese NFTs. An opportunity for the world…



The first large-scale annual meeting of the European NFT community

Recently, the industry has been paying attention to the NFTBERLIN conference, which is an NFT-themed event initiated by the global NFT community (mainly in Europe) . The collective efforts brought a unique event. The young organizers brought a trendy organization method, allowing the visitors to experience the charm of cultural and artistic NFTs up close and in the coolest way. Due to the huge momentum, it can be said that it is a European NFT. The community’s first large-scale annual meeting.

NFTBERLIN aims to bring together creators, collectors and artists to discuss and showcase the trends and future of the NFTverse, providing an open platform for learning, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.

image.png This is the first event, which brings together creators, artists, and collectors from all over the world to discuss and showcase the trend and future of NFTverse. Many enthusiasts come here.

image.pngimage.png It is reported that NFTBERLIN has carried out NFT-themed art exhibitions, seminars and hackathons. With the theme of NFT, the seminar invites many well-known artists, collectors and platforms in the field of NFT at home and abroad to give a panoramic interpretation of the history, present and future of NFT through independent speeches, two-person dialogues, round table discussions and other forms. The exhibition hall has three floors, the first floor is for NFT exhibition, and the third floor is themed Panel, Workshop, etc.

The NFT art exhibition was held in Berlin’s Alte Münze from May 25th to 26th, featuring works by well-known and emerging artists from around the world, including Justin Sun’s digital zodiac animal head, which was previously sold for 9,832,500 yuan Much attention.


Chinese traditional culture NFT debut in Europe

The Chinese power of overseas NFT communities

When it comes to the digital zodiac animal heads, this is a group of precious NFT artworks based on the “twelve zodiac animal heads” and the only set of global circulation. This is the first time they have been exhibited to the public, and it is also the first time they have gone abroad and set foot on the international stage.

In fact, there are already many Chinese NFTs in the world, such as the fireworks NFT of Cai Guoqiang, the King of Fireworks , as well as the cartoon IPNFT Lengtu, Ahri, and the PFP NFT “Jaelun Bear” supported by the traffic star Jay Chou. Wait, why are the “Digital Zodiac Animal Heads” selected to enter the international exhibition instead of other NFTs? Perhaps because it is the most representative and can best represent Chinese traditional folk culture, it can be said to be the best domestic NFT. The popularity of the digital zodiac animal head at the exhibition can also confirm the value behind it.

According to the latest data from CoinMarketCap, the current mainstream NFT market has a market value of $11 billion, with a total sales volume of more than $13 billion. The top 10 NFTs by market capitalization are mainly PFP NFTs and Land NFTs. For art collection NFTs, there is still a lot of room for explosive growth of NFTs.

image.png Successful Chinese NFTs that can truly enter the global market must have creations that can arouse cultural and artistic resonance, and at the same time have a full “narrative” that brings appreciation and collection value from multiple perspectives, of course community consensus, and international integration. basic abilities. At present, many digital collection platforms and IPs have also been born in China. Major manufacturers such as Alibaba and Tencent have also entered the collection platform. Many celebrities and creators have also participated in the form of art auctions and public welfare collections, but it is a pity. Most of the collections have limitations and cannot be in line with international standards, and there is no leading figure to bring them to the international stage. In the future “borderless metaverse, Chinese art and culture NFTs must stand up and go out. Very important.

It is worth mentioning that at this NFTBERLIN exhibition, many people were very interested in the digital zodiac animal heads on display. There are many legends and historical marks behind each zodiac animal head. The reserved ones show the charm of traditional Chinese art and culture to the world. Many overseas Web3 and NFT community bigwigs have enthusiastically studied the “zodiac signs” corresponding to their birth years, and felt the wisdom, thinking patterns, ethics, values ​​and aesthetics of the ancient Chinese people involved in the zodiac culture.


Justin Sun: The first Chinese culture and art NFT to go overseas

The successful exhibition of the very representative Chinese culture and art NFTs with digital zodiac animal heads at NFTBERLIN may mark the arrival of Chinese culture NFTs to the world. And all of this is inseparable from the push of Justin Sun, an early evangelist of encrypted KOLs and NFTs.


On May 25th, Justin Sun attended an online seminar with the theme of “New Trends in the Future Development of NFTs”, which was broadcast live around the world. In the dialogue session, Justin Sun talked about traditional Chinese culture and art NFT and the trend and future of NFTverse , He said that the NFT works of “Digital Zodiac Animal Heads” exhibited this time contain the cultural sentiments of Chinese sons and daughters for the twelve animal heads, and today’s young people are more inclined to collect collections in the form of NFTs.

When answering the host’s question about “the future direction of NFT”, Justin Sun believed that when people who are willing to accept this decentralized and digital narrative experience slowly become the main force in the world, I believe that soon It will usher in a big wave of NFT development . The future of NFT will be the metaverse, especially the outbreak of the epidemic, which has set off a digital wave, which makes the value of NFT recognized by more and more people.

As one of the big names invited to participate in the NFTBERLIN exhibition, Justin Sun, a frequent visitor to the world’s top auction houses, has already made a name for himself in the European Web3 and NFT communities and in the field of art collection. He has invested more than 1 billion yuan in auctions in the past two years. Many of the world’s top art works including the digital zodiac animal head NFT exhibited this time , such as Beeple’s “Ocean Front”, Fewocious’s “My Mama’s Dream” and other collections, as well as Picasso’s “Wearing a Necklace” Nude, Andy Warhol’s Three Self-Portraits, Alberto Giacometti’s Nose, etc.

This event is the first event of NFTBERLIN. It is already the largest NFT community in Europe in terms of scale. It can be seen that Justin Sun’s influence has rapidly extended to Europe. At the same time, there is no doubt that the first person who took Chinese traditional culture and art NFT abroad to participate in large-scale exhibitions was Justin Sun.



Perhaps the moment Justin Sun decided to photograph the “Digital Zodiac First Song” for nearly 10 million, he had already seen the meaning and value behind it, and was ready to launch it as a representative of Chinese cultural and traditional art NFTs.

In fact, at the beginning of the NFT boom, Justin Sun took the mission of “bringing artworks a second life through the blockchain” to NFT and donate top artworks to the crypto community, so that “blockchain + Art” was rapidly promoted. Just like what Justin Sun tweeted when he photographed the heads of the digital zodiac animals: Let more people experience the beauty of traditional Chinese art in the metaverse. That is to say, through blockchain technology, traditional art can be presented in a new form, allowing the public to better experience the beauty of culture.

At a time when the concept of Web3.0 and the metaverse is becoming more and more popular, NFT, as an important entrance and cornerstone of Web3.0 and the metaverse, is of great significance to promote its development. Although there are not many domestic NFTs that really shine at present, I hope that in the future, more people will take Chinese NFTs abroad and go to the world stage with the spirit of carrying forward Chinese traditional culture like Justin Sun.

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