Good Tool: Return from n8n to eat your own dog food

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A good tool: Eating your own dog food after returning from n8n – Teacher Supporting the Wall: Thinking and Precipitation of an Architect

Good Tool: Return from n8n to eat your own dog food

Wang Fuqiang


Build and use good tools: turn to eat my own dog food from n8n

Tell the story of n8n today…

n8n is a flow platform that can be self-deployed. Maybe for js developers or non-developers, this platform will be attractive. My personal experience is as follows:

  1. Trying to build a complex multi-node flow, frustrated by the insufficient v2 api level of twitter;
  2. Try to simplify the flow, just use cron node + http requests for these nodes, works;
  3. I found out today that the defined flow weekend also triggered the discord webhook. After reading it, I found that the cron node of n8n does not seem to support the complete cron expression?
  4. Then I returned to my best low-level skills, linux local crontab + a monolith written in scala to provide web api, done!

Although I would love to use a good tool,


But I found that the most suitable tool is a good tool;



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