Keep the love and go to the next journey | The tenth year of NSFOCUS TechWorld

On August 19, the NSFOCUS TechWorld 2022 technology carnival with the theme of “Love · Devotion” was successfully held in Beijing, which is the tenth year of the TechWorld technology carnival.

It is understood that the conference will focus on cyberspace security and technology development, digital transformation and data security, cloud operations and cloud security and other industries to set up special sessions and thematic sub-forums in finance, education, operators and other industries, bringing together senior cybersecurity industry experts, Gather the forces of industry development and share new technologies, new situations and new explorations.

At present, the century-old changes in the world and the epidemic of the century are intertwined and superimposed, and a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is further advanced. Promoting digital transformation has increasingly become an important task to adapt to changes in the world, times, and development. Only by keeping the “gate” of network security well, will the development of the digital economy have more possibilities.

Hu Zhonghua, President of NSFOCUS, said in his speech that this year is the tenth year of the NSFOCUS Techworld Technology Carnival, and it is not easy to gather together during the epidemic. From the initial internal technical seminar, it has evolved into a whole industry today, building a platform for a group of pure technical fans to share new technologies and discuss new situations. This is the original intention of planning this event. This event has become a gathering for the company not to forget old friends and meet new ones. We set the theme of this year’s conference to be love. The constant pursuit of technology itself comes from sincere love.

Throughout the 22-year development history of NSFOCUS, NSFOCUS has always adhered to the original intention of creating value for customers, and empowered users through its own evolving offensive and defensive capabilities. The purpose of the conference is the same. In the future, NSFOCUS will continue to explore and innovate to provide customers with better services and create more value for customers.


Hu Zhonghua, President of NSFOCUS

In the cloud-native era, cloud security capabilities and data security capabilities have become hot topics. At the meeting, Dr. Ye Xiaohu, Chief Technology Officer of NSFOCUS, shared his views on the construction of a security capability system in the cloud-native era.

Ye Xiaohu said that digital innovation requires a solid security base. In response to the Smart Security 3.0 concept proposed by NSFOCUS in 2021 and the systematic security construction requirements of “full-scene, trustworthy, and practical”, NSFOCUS has a deep understanding of many new scenarios. , has achieved a lot of results in multiple security directions, and transformed the results into capabilities through products, services and operations, and passed them on to end users to form a practical test. In the process of carrying out safety operation practice, the current trend of customer safety construction and the pain points faced by customers are summarized. Customers need to use “visible, fully grasped, manageable, and quick” safety at critical moments.

In 2022, NSFOCUS put forward the idea of ​​cloud based on Smart Security 3.0 to build an elastic, heterogeneous and on-demand service security capability architecture, and released the cloud-based strategy – T-ONE CLOUD, which integrates NSFOCUS The strongest product strength and service capabilities of science and technology, creative realization of security operation solutions that support elastic and heterogeneous, and launch of three new products: security operation center, magic firewall NF-SSE and mobile APP, all security capabilities are transformed into services through cloudification Delivered to the customer site.

According to reports, T-ONE CLOUD adopts a trusted connection and access mechanism, and empowers a smart and safe brain through the research strength of the eight laboratories of NSFOCUS, ensuring efficient detection and continuous improvement of key observation indicators. Ye Xiaohu described T-ONE CLOUD with two operational examples: the first is, “the magic of the magic firewall”, which forms a flexible and scalable efficient operation plan for an educational user; the second is, “lightweight penetration testing flying”, Complete the penetration test of 300+ assets of a financial user in 5 days to deal with sudden inspections.


Ye Xiaohu, Chief Technology Officer of NSFOCUS

In addition, Li Xinyou, chief engineer of the State Information Center at the conference site, said that in recent years, the Chinese government has gradually moved from “government information disclosure” to “government data openness”, and the process of opening government affairs data to the public has gradually accelerated. With the rapid development of emerging technologies, the rapid expansion of application scenarios, and the ever-changing security situation, while data has become a key variable in social development, data, as an important factor of production, also faces security challenges. Therefore, while promoting data openness and sharing, It is necessary to attach great importance to the protection of data.


Li Xinyou, chief engineer of the State Information Center

Since the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the development of the digital economy has entered the “fast lane”. As the cornerstone of industrial digitization and digital industrialization, data security has become the key content of national top-level planning and construction of various industries.

At the meeting, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and NSFOCUS jointly established the “Data Security Joint Laboratory” to promote data security research, technological breakthroughs and achievement transformation, cultivate the data security industry ecology, and promote the innovation and development of data security. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the research of key data security technologies, the formulation of data security solutions and products, and the formulation of data security standards, so as to promote industry-university-research collaboration and achievement innovation, and cultivate practical talents to meet future needs.


Wei Wei, Deputy Director of the Security Research Institute of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (left in the picture)

Ye Xiaohu, Chief Technology Officer of NSFOCUS (right)

The conference also held three sub-forums at the same time, including: “Innovative School” Data Security Governance and Protection Forum, “Practical School” Financial Digital Transformation Forum, and “Academic School” Industry-University-Research Innovation Integration Forum. , users from all walks of life, as well as national security authorities, security experts in the industry, leaders of well-known universities’ cyberspace security colleges, etc., gave in-depth speeches on hot topics such as digital transformation and data security, technological innovation, and industry-university-research collaborative innovation practices. comminicate.

In the past ten years, the “circle of friends” of TechWorld Technology Carnival has become more and more extensive. The conference is not only a carnival festival for technology enthusiasts, but also an important platform to witness the development of China’s network security industry. Overcoming thorns and thorns, and starting again in ten years. Only by persevering in professionalism can we witness the legend; only by perseverance can we achieve the future.

It is believed that NSFOCUS stands at a new starting point in ten years, and will continue to use technological innovation to drive industrial upgrading and build a secure cornerstone for digital development. (Leifeng Network)

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