Kuaishou and Thin Box Mints Release Digital Collection for the First Time

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 Titanium Media App reported on June 16 that Kuaishou and Thin Box Mints recently launched a digital collection with the theme of "Magnetic Engine Celebrity Hall". This is the first time that Kuaishou, a national short video community, has released digital collections. There are 6 models in total. The images are all from Kuaishou's leading talents, including "Actor - Yan Xuejing", "Dandan Xiaopen Friends", "Yuer. (Ancient Style)", " Di Laoshi", "Tian Bin + Amuse You" and "Dashi the Herdsman", each cast 270 pieces, a total of 1620 pieces, of which 240 pieces are sold on the thin box platform. It is worth mentioning that the six digital collections launched this time all have wearable functions and can be used as wearable props for 3D digital people.

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