Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL: CTP3.0 battery will be released soon, which can meet high-voltage fast charging

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Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, said that the CTP3.0 battery, the Kirin battery, will be released soon. Adding a water cooling plate between the two cells will reduce the heat conduction of the two adjacent cells and prevent thermal runaway; second, it can meet high-voltage fast charging, and 4C charging is not difficult, and it will be available in the market next year. Third, the battery life can be greatly improved, because the water-cooled sheet has a buffering effect; fourth, the specific energy is improved, and the Kirin battery can improve the utilization of space, the energy density of the lithium iron phosphate system is 160wh/kg, and the ternary high nickel can reach 250wh /kg, 30% more power than the 4680 battery. (Financial Association)
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