Kuaishou sues “Blocks Live” for infringement and wins compensation of 1.2 million

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 Titanium Media App reported on August 5 that on August 4, the Beijing Court Trial Information Network published the second-instance civil judgment on unfair competition disputes between Shenzhen Jam Times Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Dajia Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. The trial court is the Beijing Intellectual Property Court. The court of first instance ruled that Times Imaging Company compensated Kuaishou for economic losses of 1.2 million yuan, and Jam Times Company was jointly and severally liable for the 200,000 yuan. The two defendants argued that the first instance wrongly determined that the increase in downloads of the APP involved and that the amount of compensation was too high, and filed an appeal. The court of the second instance found that the unfair competition and the amount of compensation for the two defendants ruled by the first instance were not inappropriate, so the court dismissed the appeal and upheld the original judgment.

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