Senna Bio completed the C+ round of financing of over 200 million yuan

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Chuangyebang was informed that recently, Saina Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Saina Bio), which focuses on the research and development of domestic gene sequencers, announced the completion of a C+ round of financing of over 200 million yuan. This round of financing was led by China State-owned Enterprise Structural Adjustment Fund Phase II (National Research Fund), followed by Wuxi Guolian Guokang Health Industry Investment Center (Limited Partnership) (Wuxi Guolian), and Probe Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor.

Relying on the original Fluorogenic sequencing chemistry and error-correcting coding (ECC) sequencing strategy, two core sequencing technologies, Dr. Chen Zitian of Peking University, together with the team of internationally renowned scientists Academician Xie Xiaoliang and Professor Huang Yanyi of Peking University, founded Senna Bio. Senna Bio focuses on sequencing technology, provides high-performance sequencer products for the industry through the innovation of underlying sequencing methods and engineering technology, and becomes a gene technology innovation enterprise serving the global market.

Dr. Chen Zitian, CEO of Senna Biotech, believes that under the dual monopoly of technology and market by foreign companies in the field of sequencing, the development of independent sequencing technologies and products is the key way for domestic companies to reverse the situation. Senna’s first S100 gene sequencer was officially released in 2022, and the application for NMPA Class III medical device registration certificate has been launched. In June 2022, Senna’s S100 gene sequencer and its supporting sequencing kits won the EU CE-IVDR Certification.

The R&D capability and product quality of Senna Biotech have been recognized and affirmed by domestic and international authoritative organizations, which also marks that the Senna Biosequencer is about to enter the international market. As an upstream platform company with fully independent intellectual property technology, Senna Bio, with an open attitude towards cooperation, looks forward to conducting more extensive exchanges and cooperation with industry peers to jointly create a better future for the genetic industry.

While making continuous breakthroughs in its own technology, Senna is also committed to meeting the needs of partners for more diverse products and services through the advantages of underlying technologies, promoting the wider application of high-throughput sequencing technology, and helping partners work together Explore international markets.

Dr. Chen Zitian, CEO of Senna, said: The development of a domestic gene sequencing platform with full independent intellectual property rights is just an entry, and continuous iterative research and development and promotion of the industrialization of domestic sequencing platforms are the top priorities. The process of manufacturing engineering machines is time-consuming and long, and it is necessary to continuously improve products according to user needs and feedback information, so as to promote the development of sequencing platforms from “usable” to “easy to use”. The goal of Senna Bio is to build a new China-led sequencing ecosystem based on a domestically-developed sequencing platform.

The National Investigation Fund said: This investment is another important layout of the National Investigation Fund as a national equity investment fund in the field of life science and technology. Genome information is an important part of biosecurity, and owning independent intellectual property sequencing equipment is important for maintaining national information security. has great significance. The National Research Fund strategically invests in Senna Bio, and is optimistic about the company’s international first-of-its-kind sequencing technology with independent intellectual property rights. It will form an industrial chain complementation and synergy with the existing portfolio companies, and build China’s own sequencing ecological sequencing platform.

Wuxi Guolian said: I am very happy to invest in a star enterprise in the field of gene sequencing in China together with the National Research Fund. Gene sequencing is one of the fastest growing fields in molecular diagnosis, and is widely used in the detection of tumors, pathogenic microbial infections, and genetic diseases. However, the upstream sequencers and consumables in the gene sequencing industry still face problems such as limited core technology and high sequencing costs.

Senna Bio’s original underlying sequencing technology, patented technology for sequencers and supporting consumables with completely independent intellectual property rights, and the advantages of higher accuracy of sequencing results, lower sequencing costs, and shorter sequencing times. We have full confidence in the future development of the company.

Zhang Chen, Partner of Probe Capital, said: “I am very honored to assist Senna Bio in completing this round of financing. The Senna team has strong system engineering capabilities, from organic synthesis of novel fluorescent nucleotide substrates to parity check, from three-dimensional dynamic From planning to micropit array design, every detail requires both interesting scientific thinking and complex engineering capabilities. With the popularization of precision medicine, the upstream of sequencing will also usher in important industrial changes and the reshaping of the market structure. It is expected that Senna Bio will build a complete set of sequencing innovation ecology for the global market based on its unique technical advantages.

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