Lao Wang

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“The old king next door slept with your wife, what do you think about this matter?”

“I think your question is avoiding some facts. The old king’s wife next door is also getting together with her concubine, old Zhang. Why don’t you say it?”

“But your wife was slept by Lao Wang. What’s the connection with Lao Wang’s wife and Lao Zhang?”

“Why is there no contact? This shows that Old Wang himself has the same problem as me, and his problem is more serious than mine.”

“But he slept with your wife!”

“But Lao Wang’s house is more chaotic than mine. His wife found Lao Zhang on her own initiative, while my wife was forced to bow by Lao Wang Bawang.”

“Then why don’t you hold Pharaoh accountable?”

“Please face the problem, my wife did not voluntarily sleep with Lao Wang, but Lao Zhang slept with Lao Wang’s wife, that is to say, my wife did not voluntarily sleep with Lao Wang, and I am not a victim; But Lao Wang’s wife took the initiative to sleep with Lao Zhang, which is why Lao Wang violated my wife, and Lao Zhang and Lao Wang’s wife should be held accountable.”

“Does that mean that the old king is also a victim?”

“Please don’t change the concept. I’m just stating that Lao Wang’s wife took the initiative to seduce Lao Zhang.”

“Then how do you explain that your wife was slept by Pharaoh?”

“My wife did not take the initiative to seduce Lao Wang, from this point of view, I believe my wife, she did not betray me; but Lao Wang’s wife took the initiative to seduce Lao Zhang, so from the current situation, Lao Wang’s wife Zhang’s reality is more serious than mine, so why don’t you interview Lao Wang instead of chasing after me?”

“We asked Pharaoh, and he said that your wife took the initiative to seduce him.”

“Please remain objective and neutral. Pharaoh’s unilateral remarks cannot be used as a reference for this incident. You should interview Pharaoh’s wife, she is the key figure in this incident, and you should be more concerned about why she cheated, yes It wasn’t that there was a conflict between her and her husband, Lao Wang.”

“We asked and she admitted that she had a so-called ‘wife swap game’ with Lao Zhang, her husband Lao Wang, and your wife.”

“Why haven’t I heard of it? You have listened to one-sided words and defined my family’s private affairs. I can tell you responsibly that Lao Wang and my wife are not husband and wife, so they do not meet the “wife swap game” “the rule of.”

“But your wife was slept by Pharaoh, why can’t you face up to the problem that has happened?”

“Then let me ask, does Lao Wang’s wife sleep with Lao Zhang too, so why does he have to keep on creating conflicts over my problems?”

“Lao Zhang, Lao Wang, and Lao Wang’s wife all admit that your wife was slept by Lao Wang.”

“They admit that they don’t mean anything, because they have formed a whole, and what they say is one-sided.”

“Then can your wife come forward for an interview?”

“No, because it’s my housework.”

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