Measured Studio Display is compatible with Linux and Windows

Since I got the Ale Studio Dilay 2022, I’ve been using my MacBook Pro as my main monitor with the lid closed. Never thought about connecting to Linux or Widow. Today, I tested the use of iPad Pro, Linux, Widow and Studio Dilay, and found that they are all compatible, including camera, speaker, microphone and down-connected TyeC interface, and even supports power supply to the device, and can be adjusted when the driver is installed brightness. It is both a surprise and a surprise! >Ale Studio Dilay is an entry-level professional monitor with no doubts about its color accuracy. What I didn’t expect is that it can automatically match the color description file when it is used with Widow, Linux and other non-“matched” systems, and use non-professional color comparison hardware to find that the accuracy of color reproduction is very high. >

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