Leapmotor responds to “The owner said that the car in front of him was rear-ended while assisted driving”: it is a human driving state


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Recently, a Leapmotor car had a rear-end collision with the car in front while driving on the Shenhai Expressway in Wenzhou Xiaojiang section. According to media reports, the owner of the Zero sports car claimed to have turned on the assisted driving function of the vehicle at the time of the accident, and said that he happened to be drinking water at the time. Leap Motor responded that the model of the vehicle involved was Leap Motor C11, and one person in the rear-end car was slightly injured. Since the background data and user conversations involve privacy and the authorization process will take time, it is temporarily inconvenient to disclose relevant information such as the cause of the accident. It was confirmed that the vehicle was in a human driving state before the collision accident, and the ACC mode (adaptive cruise control) was not turned on. (surging)
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