Shenzhen Stock Exchange Held a Symposium on the Work of Sponsor Institutions for the Growth Enterprise Market Registration System


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 Titan Media App reported on August 15 that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange recently organized a work symposium for sponsors. During the discussion and exchanges, the participants said that the next step is to further understand the systemic characteristics of the registration system reform and fulfill the "first gatekeeper". The main responsibility is to focus on four aspects: First, to control the quality of the sponsoring enterprise at the front end. Sponsors need to firmly establish the development concept of quality first, accurately grasp the positioning of the sector, help enterprises to consolidate their foundations, and recommend companies that operate in a standardized manner and meet the positioning of the ChiNext Board for listing and financing. The second is to consolidate the responsibilities of the three lines of defense of investment banks. Give full play to the role of investment bank project team, quality control and core, through independent, professional and solid work foundation, earnestly assume the responsibility of verification and gatekeeping, strengthen internal quality control, and prevent "declaration with illness". The third is to continuously improve the quality of information disclosure. Effectively implement the relevant requirements of the "Guiding Opinions on Improving the Quality of Prospectus Information Disclosure under the Registration System", reduce redundant, templated, and obscure information disclosure, and further improve the effectiveness, pertinence and readability of prospectus information disclosure , to improve the quality of responses to audit inquiries. The fourth is to stick to the bottom line of honesty and integrity. Improve the internal management mechanism of issuers and intermediaries for honest business practices, strictly implement relevant regulations on honest business practices in the securities industry, and jointly create a clean and honest industry ecology.

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