Lenovo 618 final battle report released, the whole network sales 8.1 billion

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At 24:00 on June 18th, the annual 618 Mid-term Promotion came to an end. Lenovo continued its “good start” and took the lead, and finally led the list of major e-commerce platforms again with an impressive record of 8.1 billion in sales across the network. .

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On major e-commerce platforms such as JD.com/Tmall/Gome/Suning, Lenovo ranks first in the list of notebooks, thin and light notebooks, gaming notebooks, high-performance thin and light notebooks, high-end thin and light notebooks, desktop computers, game consoles, and all-in-one computers. The king’s posture is unparalleled. In terms of smart devices, mobile phones, tablets, projectors and other products also shine. Lenovo Xiaoxin 520 smart projector, which is the same as Wang Yibo, won the sales champion of JD.com’s projection category.

With the launch of various flagship new products such as Xiaoxin, YOGA, Savior, ThinkPad, and ThinkBook, as well as the special deals of explosive product packages built around six major scenarios such as learning, home office, and gaming and entertainment, Lenovo 618 has once again been recognized by hundreds of millions of users with good reviews. Behind the disdain of the major e-commerce platforms is the successful practice of Lenovo’s continuous adherence to the “customer-centric” transformation strategy.

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