Let’s talk: “Advertising Brother” Google can’t resist the pressure, Meta and Twitter are dangerous?

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, reported a rare lower-than-expected revenue in the first quarter, recording the slowest growth rate in two years, and net profit fell more than expected by 8% year-on-year. The financial report shows that the growth rate of Google advertising revenue is far less than the previous quarter. Among them, YouTube advertising revenue is far worse than expected, with a sharp drop of 20% from the previous quarter.

The disappointing earnings report reflects the impact of the global economic turmoil and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the digital advertising industry. In addition, increased competition is also a key factor, which can also be clearly felt from Netflix’s financial report. Media commentary believes that YouTube’s far less than expected advertising revenue may be due to Apple’s new privacy regulations restricting iPhone advertising targeting, as well as competition from TikTok.

Under the constant headwinds, Google, the big brother in the advertising industry, has not been able to withstand the pressure. Are Meta and Twitter, which are about to announce their earnings, not optimistic?



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