likeyun short link program: extremely fast construction, indirect and easy to use

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Sometimes some links are stinky and long, and may also contain parameters and sensitive words. At this time, you need to consider the short link program

And public short links are mostly garbage, so consider creating your own.

Common scenarios such as pictures of cdn of large factories, AFFlink, group invitation links, product links, etc.

This time, the related products of Likeyun are selected. Because they are developed by Chinese people, the conventional requirements are still in place, such as multi-layer anti-sealing jumps, Chinese panels, etc.

Warehouse address


The original author has provided relevant tutorials that can be read for comparison

However, the author did not package the release, so you need to download the source code manually

Web download as shown, download the zip package, then upload to the server


Then open the domain name you bound, pay attention to the need to set up pseudo-static and PHP installation, I am PHP7.4+MySQL5.6


Install in order



If you use a cache such as Cloudflare, pay attention to the /index path to bypass the cache

Then there is the control center, you can see that the basic functions are still there.


Statistics are also very convenient

Use direct template operation, support 4-6-digit random parameters and custom parameters, enter domain name and anti-blocking domain name can also be set

Expiration date is supported, and seems to support UA restrictions as well

QR code can also be automatically generated


Bricklayer AFF link

Stripe 1GBP donation tip link:

Image jump link:

Image external link:

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