Titanium disk and ufile.io: temporary file transfer and sharing station

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Sometimes it is necessary to temporarily share files externally. In addition to common online disks (OD, GD, etc.), social media (TW, FB, TG, QQ, WX, etc.) can be considered websites dedicated to temporarily sharing files.

Of course, the anonymous network disk and video network disk introduced before can also be used, please refer to https://www.blueskyxn.com/tag/clouddrive

Titanium Disc

The official website is https://tmp.link/ The official website is not blocked, it is covered with CF

Temporary files are stored for 24 hours, a single file is 20G, there is no limit on total space, etc. At the same time, there is no speed limit, no limit on download methods, support for breakpoint resume, and also support for custom domain names

Appears to be in operation for 4 years.


The official website is https://ufile.io/ The official website is not blocked, it is covered with CF

The official website does not have Chinese

“Your files will stay online for 30 days, and Pro users can store them permanently . You can also upload files and set them to expire automatically after 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days, as well as create a one-time download link.”

At the same time, PRO has no speed limit (upload, download), free users limit downloads to 1M/s, and commercial users can also allow free users to download their files at the maximum speed.

https://ufile.io/blog/what-speeds-can-i-expect/ “In short, you can usually expect an average upload speed of about 3MB/s, but if usage is low, you can increase to 1Gb/s.”

His family also provides a paid download function for business users https://ufile.io/blog/selling-files-on-uploadfiles/ 10%

Their paid plans are free version (10G space), PRO 69USD annual payment (1T), and commercial 120USD annual payment (3T)

Single file is limited to 5, 10, 100G

Dairy Cow Quick Pass and Lan Zuoyun, etc.

Basically suitable for small files and there is a risk of censorship due to CN servers

Cow Transfer: https://cowtransfer.com/pro

Lanzou Cloud: https://www.lanzou.com/

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