Liu Genghong’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” is too hard? Yui Aragaki’s NS Sports will definitely suit you

The above picture is the evaluation of Ai Faner’s colleagues after experiencing Nintendo Switch Sports . It seems that in the face of Nintendo somatosensory games, “stimulation is not exciting” is more valuable than “is it fun”.

A sports meeting in the living room

Connect the TV, fix the Joy-Con, open Nintendo Switch Sports (hereinafter referred to as NS Sports ), and you can “play” tennis and “kick” football with your friends and players from all over the world.

▲ Are these feet handsome? hand waving

Similar to other somatosensory games on Switch, with the Joy-Con button, you can play the game by simply waving the handle like participating in the corresponding exercise in reality. Even a novice can get started quickly.

The current NS Sports is not complete. In future updates, Nintendo will bring us golf, even basketball, dodgeball and more (basketball and dodgeball are not officially confirmed), what we can experience now There are only 6 items of tennis, volleyball, badminton, football, bowling and fencing.

▲ Golf will be available this fall

  • Tennis & badminton, my first choice for fitness

Sharing Joy-Con, split-screen games, somatosensory control, the operation method and screen display method of NS Sports are not much different from other Switch party games, “Mario Party, but sports version”.

▲ Split screen tennis match

Among the first 6 items, my favorites are badminton and tennis, they operate similarly, and the fitness effect is the best among these items.

With the automatic movement in the game, swing the Joy-Con, you can save the ball in the frontcourt, smash and smash, and have a wonderful and exciting duel with your friends in the living room. Of course, you can add footsteps to be more immersive.

Even if there is no Internet connection and friends are not around, you can choose AI games of different difficulty. For a novice player like me, I really can’t beat the highest level of AI.

The characteristics of “easy to learn, difficult to master” of any game are also reflected in NS Sports . Although the basic operation is very simple, with swinging and twisting of the wrist to varying degrees, various spinning balls will be played. On the video platform, the wonderful operations of various great gods will make you continue to exclaim “this game can still be played like this”.

▲ For example, hit the Internet. Picture from: leonvdream , the UP master of station B

▲ Such as ACE serve

▲ For example, a long-term stalemate. Picture from: FallinJan , the UP master of station B

If you are an NS member, you can play against players all over the world online and win clothing, stickers, emoticons and other equipment. If you are not a member, you can also experience this feature, but the number of equipment you can get is limited.

Although the game does not require you to actually run, if you are immersed enough (the living room is large enough), you can also follow the character to move left and right, so the movement effect will be much better.

These two are also the projects that my colleagues have experienced the most. After all, swinging the racket and swinging the Joy-Con is easy to associate, and it is easier to get started. Some colleagues with actual tennis and badminton experience praised the action design in the game when they experienced the game. Colleagues who do not exercise often have the idea of ​​going to the arena to play.

  • In fencing & bowling, skill is more important than power

The key word for the two balls is “sport”, and the key word for fencing and bowling is “skill”.

In fencing, you must block the opponent’s attack and at the same time find the right angle to counterattack. Fencing operates similarly to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, and in the fencing ring, you are Link.

You can choose to attack and defend, and quickly decide the outcome.

You can also choose to defend and counterattack, and step by step steadily.

Bowling is really a showdown of skills. The joystick and buttons are used to control the direction and angle of the shot, and the speed of the arm swing affects the strength of the ball. It seems that even the movement of spinning the Joy-Con when the ball is released will affect the arc of the bowling ball.

I saw an UP master at station B sharing the skills of NS Sports he found, one of bowling, he even twisted his wrist to spin the ball, and the technical party can go to his video to learn.

Spin the ball. The picture comes from the UP main small 7_IMPHYCHO of station B

The online battle mode must be praised here. 16 players will have 3 rounds of bowling duels, throwing, waiting, and last-place elimination, just like a game.

The most “outrageous” is that if you are eliminated in a certain round, the game also arranges a viewing area, you can really sit here and wait for the end of the duel.

Almost all the colleagues who came to experience it are full of praise for fencing. It is stress-relieving, fun, exciting, and interesting. Fencing has witnessed all the happiness of everyone. “It would be nice if 16 people could fight together.” And bowling, which requires skill and time, is not favored by many friends.

  • Soccer & Volleyball, Timing! That’s right, timing!

When it comes to football and volleyball, the key word becomes “timing”.

Although it is football, although it is physical sensation, football has almost nothing to do with “foot”. Control the Joy-Con to move the player, and the swing is to pass the ball left and right and shoot.

Because this football is really big, it is more like an entertainment project in the playground. What dribble, stop the ball and pass the Marseille roundabout, in front of NS Sports , which looks unprofessional for football fans, I am in other The skills and experience gained in football games are not professional at all.

Although the game also provides the operation of kicking the ball, you can fix the Joy-Con on the leg for a penalty shootout (the physical version includes straps, which are consistent with the straps of “Fitness Ring Adventure”), but after the experience, I can only say that talking is better than nothing. , most of the time the game is played with waving hands.

Volleyball also needs to find the right time. In the game, the system will remind you what to do next. Toss, smash, block, fast or slow, will affect the quality of the ball.

For friends who are playing somatosensory games for the first time, these two games are slightly more difficult, especially football. The multiple buttons make colleagues who want to experience it slightly persuade them to quit. And volleyball, which requires timing and coordination, is also a bit difficult to get started with. However, after successfully scoring and cooperating to score, everyone is still full of sense of accomplishment.

fitness? It’s still far from

After all, there is “Sports” in the name, and I believe everyone is looking forward to its fitness effect. Conclusion: No.

To test the exercise effect of NS Sports , I played NS Sports , Ring Fit Adventure and Just Dance for 35 minutes after my heart rate stabilized, and used my Apple Watch to record my heart rate and calorie consumption.

The first is “Fitness Ring Adventure”, which continuously passes the level at the highest level. Because there are selected levels, skills and plots, the effective exercise time is only 24 minutes, and the final consumption is 261 kcal, and the maximum heart rate is 151 (average heart rate 117).

Next is “Just Dance”. During the time of one song, almost all of them are continuously exercising, and it will not take too much time to change songs, so I can see very regular heart rate fluctuations, and I dance in 35 minutes. Played 7 songs, consumed 322 kcal, and had a maximum heart rate of 167 (average heart rate of 130).

And NS Sports , which I have high hopes for, can complete various operations with a swipe of the wrist, even if you do the action seriously, it is really not ranked in terms of physical exertion. After 35 minutes, only 171 kcal were consumed, with a maximum heart rate of 95 (average heart rate of 79). For comparison, walking for 30 minutes can consume 191 kcal and a maximum heart rate of 128 (average 116).

Want to exercise? NS Sports is not as good as walking a hundred steps after a meal.

Out of curiosity, I followed Liu Genghong to dance for another 35 minutes, from “Compendium of Materia Medica” to “Cowboys Are Busy” to “Dragon Fist”, consuming 442 kcal, with a maximum heart rate of 189 (average 158) – NS Sports is also pictured Yile, the real training depends on Liu Genghong.

▲ Liu Genghong’s aerobics is relatively high-intensity, do what you can

Although it has the name of “Sports”, but after experience, the positioning of NS Sports is more inclined to the “Super Mario Party” series of works. The purpose of the game is to give your friends a party and have more fun, and sports are just the way to achieve this goal. NS Sports is a somatosensory game, not a fitness game.

Want to get fit? You have more options. Now it seems that the fitness exercise that takes into account both fun and sports effects on the Switch has to be “Fitness Ring Adventure”. The amount of exercise is moderate and the exercise methods are rich. From pre-exercise warm-up to post-exercise stretching to fitness tips, it is a comprehensive home fitness assistant.

The most important thing is that Linghuan will praise you throughout the whole process, from beginning to end.

▲ There is also poisonous chicken soup

Conclusion: There is still a long way to go, and Sports may not be brilliant

Before the release of NS Sports , game enthusiasts and non-game enthusiasts around him showed great interest. Wii Sports sold more than 80 million copies, and now the demand for home fitness and entertainment has increased. The popularity of “Ring Fitness Adventure” seems to be a certainty.

But, my lord, times have changed.

In fact, after Wii Sports , Nintendo also launched a sequel “Wii Sports Resort”, and the sales plummeted to 33 million copies (still a lot) – similar gameplay, after more than ten years, somatosensory games are no longer new. Today, it’s difficult to reproduce the glory of Wii Sports with a simple to some boring wave.

In terms of entertainment, there is a big gap between NS Sports and the “Super Mario Party” series; in terms of sports and fitness, it is not as good as the effects of the old predecessors such as “Ring Fitness Adventure”.

NS Sports is fun, and colleagues are full of laughter when they experience it. The price of 4,300 yen (digital version) is also worth the ticket price today when the yen is depreciating. But casual gamers and fitness users alike can find better options on the Switch.

If you are a loyal player of the Switch, I believe you have already bought the digital version and entered the A-level league; if you want to exercise, I would recommend the stable price of “Fitness Ring Adventure” and other old-fashioned fitness games, or wait for the price to stabilize. , and then start with NS Sports .

NS Sports continues the classic Wii Sports , brainwashed music, fresh style, and excellent body feel. It will definitely become a new choice for party games, but the simple operation and only 6 sports make it difficult for players to play for a long time. Keep it novel.

If you have already started NS Sports , here are a few tips for you:

  1. Follow the game prompts to fix the handle, some bloggers have been too excited to smash the TV;
  2. When playing with friends, the distance is a little farther, and the hands of the two people touch each other, which is quite painful;
  3. Happiness is the most important thing, do not quarrel;
  4. It’s an (almost) all-ages game, bring your family to play!


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