Tencent abandons acquisition of Black Shark Technology, which still seeks financing opportunities

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Pinwan, May 12 , according to the 21st Century Business Herald, Tencent has abandoned the acquisition of Black Shark Technology. The news of Tencent’s acquisition of Black Shark Technology was circulated in the market in January this year, but it has not yet been approved by the relevant departments, so Tencent abandoned the acquisition. Regarding the acquisition progress between Tencent and Black Shark Technology, Luo Yuzhou, CEO of Black Shark Technology, said that “(Tencent’s acquisition of Black Shark Technology) has nothing to do.”

At the same time, Luo Yuzhou said that Black Shark Technology still has financing and acquisition-related plans, and “is looking for it, and opportunities need to be found.”

In addition, around the speculation that Black Shark Technology may transform into AR/VR and other directions in the previous rumors, Luo Yuzhou said that Black Shark Technology is still focusing on the field of gaming mobile phones.

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