Longmu Medical completed tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round financing, led by Qiming Venture Partners

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Chuangyebang was informed that recently, Longmu Medical announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan of Pre-A round financing led by Qiming Venture Capital, Yuanhe Origin and old shareholder Danlu Capital. This round of financing will be mainly used for new product research and development. and clinical and registration of innovative devices.

Longmu Medical is a technology-based start-up company focusing on innovative medical devices for ophthalmology. At this stage, it mainly focuses on the field of minimally invasive treatment devices for glaucoma. Based on the background of its founding team combining medicine and engineering, the Longmu medical team not only has a deep understanding of clinical needs, but also has a strong engineering research and development strength. Medical has become one of the few companies in China that truly possesses original technology in the field of minimally invasive treatment of glaucoma.

The ophthalmology market has experienced rapid development in recent years, and the market size has reached nearly 200 billion, which is one of the hottest industries at present. There are at least 400 million eye disease patients in my country, and with the deepening of the aging society and the changes in the way people use their eyes in modern society, the burden of eye disease in my country will continue to increase, and the ophthalmology market still has considerable room for growth in the future. The data shows that the current Chinese ophthalmic market, both ophthalmic drugs and ophthalmic medical devices, is still dominated by overseas companies. In some high-end ophthalmic market segments, imported suppliers account for more than 95% of the market.

Take the glaucoma minimally invasive treatment market as an example. Glaucoma is the world’s first irreversible blinding eye disease, with more than 88 million people worldwide, 60% of whom are from Asia, and more than 22 million in China. Due to the many limitations of traditional glaucoma surgery, Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS), which has developed rapidly in recent years, has become the mainstream trend of industry development. The currently listed glaucoma MIGS products are developed by European and American companies for open-angle glaucoma, and are not suitable for closed-angle glaucoma with high incidence in Asia. At present, there are no domestic products on the market.

The Longmu medical team has independently developed AqueFish, an innovative stent product for glaucoma treatment in China, combined with the original innovative glaucoma treatment. ™ , not only can greatly improve the success rate of glaucoma surgery, but also will be a rare stent product in the world that can be applied to both angle-closure glaucoma and open-angle glaucoma, which is of great significance for glaucoma treatment. At the same time, Longmu Medical has also continued to cultivate in other ophthalmic fields, and has built a number of innovative ophthalmic product pipelines, which will be approved for marketing in 2024-2025. In addition, the founding team of the company are all returnees from internationally renowned universities and high-level talents, with an international vision of development. According to reports, Longmu Medical has recently signed a ten million-level cooperation agreement with an ophthalmic innovation technology company in the United States and a world-leading German medical equipment company to jointly deploy the ophthalmic market at home and abroad.

Regarding this round of financing of Longmu Medical, Zhang Ao, executive director of Qiming Ventures, said: ” Longmu Medical is a rare minimally invasive device company for glaucoma with original technology in China. Qiming Ventures is very optimistic about the company’s innovative technology in the field of ophthalmology, R&D strength and development potential. As domestic and foreign enterprises pay more and more attention to the protection of independent intellectual property rights in recent years, Longmu Medical is expected to promote the development of the domestic glaucoma diagnosis and treatment market with its original technology, and to occupy a place in the international market, serving the world more and better treatment options for glaucoma patients.”

Song Yongyin, investment director of Yuanhe Yuandian, said: “Glaucoma is an irreversible ophthalmic disease with serious risk of blindness. Yuanhe Yuandian continues to focus on this field. At present, the options for domestic patients are only drugs and traditional surgery, and we look forward to the emergence and enrichment of MIGS products. Patients have more choices of benefits. The original product pipeline of Longmu Medical, the deep understanding of the team’s operation and the global R&D vision are all the confidence of Yuanhe Origin. We look forward to working with Longmu Medical to benefit more eye disease patients. .”

Liang Qiao, vice president of Danlu Capital Investment, said: “There are still many unmet clinical needs in the field of ophthalmology, and glaucoma treatment has also received more and more attention. Based on the combination of medicine and engineering, Longmu Medical starts from clinical pain points, An innovative glaucoma treatment plan has been proposed. As a shareholder of Angel Wheel, we have witnessed the gradual growth of Longmu Medical from a single person, and the team has also demonstrated strong execution during the process. Danlu continues to be optimistic about the company and the team, and is willing to cooperate with The company grows together and firmly believes that China’s innovation will surely go to the world.”


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