China Eastern responded that the nucleic acid expired for 3 minutes and could not board the plane: the news on the Internet was untrue

Recently, it was reported that a man took a flight of China Eastern Airlines. When he checked the nucleic acid certificate before boarding, he found that it had expired 3 minutes, so he was refused boarding. Today @China Eastern Airlines’ official Weibo issued an announcement on the matter, saying that the news spread on the Internet was untrue… The incident occurred on June 13th on the MU6395 Chengdu Tianfu-Taiyuan Wusu flight. At 8:22 on the same day, three accompanying passengers arrived at the counter. , two passengers have nucleic acid reports at 10:00 on June 10 (72 hours beyond the planned landing time), and one passenger has a nucleic acid report at 11:00 on June 11 (48 hours beyond the planned landing time). Due to the expired report and the new nucleic acid test results on the 12th, which did not meet the epidemic prevention regulations, it was impossible to pass the security check and board the plane… 8:52, after checking the nucleic acid test results, the staff quickly guided the passengers to board the plane, but due to the boarding gate The distance is relatively long. When it arrived at 9:06, the aircraft had closed the door in accordance with the safety management regulations and could not be reopened. In this regard, the on-site management personnel have done a good job of communication and explanation, and arranged VIP rooms for passengers to rest, and the flight MU5642 at 12:05 on the same day was changed.
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