Lunar soil can be used as insulation material for lunar bases

According to a study published in the journal National Science Review, researchers found that lunar soil is very thermally insulating and can be used as a surface insulator for lunar bases. Four thermometers in direct contact with the lunar soil are installed at the bottom of the two rails of the Chang’e-4 lander, measuring the temperature of the lunar soil every 900 seconds. The study used lunar soil temperature data for the third month after Chang’e-4 landed. The measurement results show that the lunar soil temperature is high during the day and low at night. After sunrise, the lunar soil temperature rises rapidly, reaching a maximum of more than 20°C near noon, and then begins to drop after noon, drops sharply to about -170°C near evening, and slowly drops at night. Studies have shown that the thermal conductivity of lunar soil is only one-tenth that of air, one-hundredth of that of water, and one-ten thousandth of that of iron.

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