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Luo Yonghao announced his withdrawal from all social platforms and will bury himself in entrepreneurship again

In the early morning of June 13, Luo Yonghao announced that he would quit all social platforms such as Weibo, and “go back to start a business again”. According to making a friend, Luo Yonghao will not accept media interviews in principle in the next few years. Luo Yonghao hopes to eliminate external interference through this move and “dedicate himself to the research and development of next-generation intelligent platform products”. At the same time, Luo Yonghao’s personal new Weibo “Product Manager Luo Yonghao” is limited to business-related exchanges and rumors.

It is understood that the entrepreneurial direction that Luo Yonghao will focus on belongs to the AR field. Luo Yonghao said that AR is the next-generation computing platform, and he wants to be the first to make something like the iPhone + iOS in 2007 in the AR era, and become the next platform similar to Apple. company of. He said that he is sure to win at the product level, but in this kind of platform-level war, it is not enough to rely on good products, so he is also ready to be acquired by big companies. Luo Yonghao will put everything into entrepreneurship, and stated that this is the last chance, and I believe that he will definitely leave something to this world.

Domestic News

Zhou Hongyi: Unlike WeChat Alipay, 360 knows your chat history and purchase history

On the issue of network security, Zhou Hongyi “commented” on WeChat and Alipay with sharp words. At the 22nd annual meeting of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum on June 10, Zhou Hongyi mentioned in his keynote speech “Digital Security Escorts Digital Civilization” that 360 does not know your chat history like WeChat, nor does it know Alipay. your purchase history.

“Don’t worry everyone, I’m not interested in your documents and photos at all. I don’t know your chat records like WeChat, nor do I know your purchase records like Alipay. We are most concerned about what programs are secretly in your background. running and networking,” he said.

Zhou Hongyi also said that he recently wanted to enter live broadcast delivery, but he tried it and found that it would not work. “I’m too idealistic, I really can’t help myself. Doing live streaming with goods really requires special talents. Don’t look down on how good the anchor with goods spends two hours boasting about his own things. He keeps saying this all the time. I really can’t do this. If I bring goods, I am ready to sell ideas and concepts.” (The Paper)

Xiaomi reported the progress of MIUI this week, involving issues such as the ineffectiveness of the Do Not Disturb mode on WeChat and the failure to load the development version widgets.

On June 11, Xiaomi issued an announcement to inform the progress of the official reply this week, involving issues such as the failure to load the development version of the widget and the invalidity of WeChat after the Do Not Disturb mode was turned on. Among them, in response to the failure to load the development version of the widget, Xiaomi officially stated that it has been partially optimized in version 22.6.8, please verify the optimization in subsequent versions.

It is understood that Xiaomi responded to the question that “Do not disturb mode is invalid for WeChat, and there will still be notifications and sounds”, saying that it is under further investigation, and please verify the optimization in subsequent versions. In addition, when it comes to “restoring the native screen fixation function”, Xiaomi said that it is grateful for the feedback from users, and that the relevant personnel of this function will seriously evaluate it.

Tencent buys $264 million stake in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart

On the afternoon of June 12, it was reported that Tencent purchased US$264 million worth of Flipkart shares through its European subsidiary. After the transaction was completed, Tencent held a 0.72% stake in Flipkart. Singapore-based e-commerce company Flipkart is reported to only operate in India.

Flipkart was last valued at $37.6 billion, according to data disclosed in July 2021, when it raised $3.6 billion in a funding round led by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC, CPP Investments, SoftBank Vision Fund and Walmart.

CNKI open personal check: 1.5 yuan / 1,000 words, free for postgraduate dissertation 3 times

On June 12, Tongfang CNKI (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. issued the “Announcement”: From now on, CNKI will directly provide duplicate checking services to individual users. HowNet said that in the past, it only provided duplicate checking services for institutions, ignoring the actual needs of individual users such as self-checking and checking newness of academic standards, which objectively caused the black market and high prices. In fact, duplication checking cannot replace the judgment of academic value, and the repetition rate of text is not directly related to the quality of the paper.

In view of the particularity of postgraduate dissertation management and the differences in disciplines, school-running levels, and management policies of different schools, CNKI continues to provide postgraduates with free dissertation checking services through postgraduate training management institutions (graduate schools). 1.5 times increased to 3 times per capita. At the same time, it is planned to provide an annual and unlimited service for the internal institutions designated by the school, as a formal channel within the school, to provide individual graduate students with dissertation checking services.

In terms of charging, the price of the personal version is set at 1.5 yuan/thousand words, which is not higher than the price of mainstream similar products in the market, referring to the prevailing method of charging by the number of characters in the market.

Sources say ByteDance will invest heavily in VR

On June 12, according to Protocol, ByteDance is seriously considering entering the field of virtual reality (VR). A source told the outlet that the company plans to invest “a lot of money” in developing VR-related content.

It appears that a large portion of ByteDance’s investment has been in recruiting, with reports that more than 40 job listings have emerged for its Pico company, the Chinese VR headset maker that ByteDance acquired last year. Most positions are for Pico Studios’ West Coast branches in California and Washington, ranging from VR game strategy director to game operations manager. Other open positions show that Pico is serious about VR hardware, with jobs including an optical engineer and an electrical engineer for system design.

The report also noted that Pico is also hiring a consumer sales executive, indicating that Pico is looking to establish a market in the United States, as the job description states that the role will be “responsible for the sales and marketing of Pico’s overall product in the U.S. consumer market.”

WeChat video account now supports changing administrators: five times a year

News on June 11 According to WeChat official news, WeChat video account now supports the function of changing the administrator, which is convenient for users in need. Users can change the administrator on the personal homepage by clicking on the avatar of the video account through the WeChat video account. It is reported that each account can change the administrator 5 times a year.

Binding change usually lasts a few seconds to tens of seconds, but during this period, operations such as posting, commenting, and live broadcasting cannot be performed. At the same time, account information, authentication, all published news and dynamic data, number of fans and fan lists, video account news, settings, bound public accounts, music videos, promotion and recharge fees, merchandise page products, etc. will be migrated to the new administrator. But private messages will not be migrated. (DoNews)

Foxconn chairman accuses rivals of ‘poaching’ in Vietnam

According to news on June 12, as Apple’s main foundry partners continue to transfer some of their production capacity from China to Southeast Asia, Foxconn is facing a more intense battle for talent in Vietnam. Talking about the competition for talent in Vietnam, Foxconn Chairman Liu Yangwei said that Foxconn’s rivals are opening factories near the Foxconn campus in Vietnam to poach the company’s employees and benefit from the existing knowledge and skills pool. Liu Yangwei declined to name the companies, but insisted that “such behavior should not be tolerated.”

In June, it was reported that Apple had moved production of iPads to Vietnam to avoid further supply chain disruptions caused by the coronavirus restrictions. It was reported in 2020 that Foxconn plans to move some production of iPads and Macbooks to a new factory in Bac Giang province in northern Vietnam. The factory was originally scheduled to start production in 2021, and the Vietnamese government said at the time that the company could invest $700 million there. It was unclear whether the plant was up and running, and Liu Yangwei did not provide an update on the progress of construction. (Phoenix Technology)

The “one-click unbinding” service is still in trial operation and needs to be further iterated and improved

On June 12, the WeChat official account of the “Number Service Platform” released the “Service Announcement”, saying, thank you for your attention to the “one-click unbinding” service. The service is in the trial operation test period, and the system functions and performance still need further iteration. Complete.

It is reported that a few days ago, the “Number Service Platform” launched the “one-click unbinding” function of mobile phone numbers, but it is still unavailable. The announcement stated that the system will continue to be optimized to provide users with better services. (TechWeb)

TSMC’s first 2nm plant is expected to be put into production by the end of 2024

On June 12, according to Taiwan’s “Economic Daily”, TSMC’s 2nm plant construction plan related environmental protection review documents have been submitted for review, and strive to pass the environmental assessment in the first half of next year, and then hand over the site to build the factory. The first phase of the factory is expected to be put into production before the end of 2024.

At the end of last year, TSMC officially proposed a plan to expand the plant in Zhongke, with a plant area of ​​nearly 95 hectares, a total investment of NT$800 billion to NT$1 trillion, and 4,500 job opportunities can be created in the initial stage. According to the TSMC supply chain, based on the scale of investment and the area of ​​nearly 100 hectares of land to set up factories, in addition to planning a 2nm factory in Zhongke, the subsequent 1nm factory may also be located here. The industry estimates that TSMC’s 2nm trial production time point will be as early as 2024, and mass production will begin in 2025, after which it will enter 1nm and subsequent newer generations of “Amy” processes.

Jitu Express was exposed to arrears in wages for couriers: the courier slept on the floor and the customers were fresh and smelly

June 12, Changzhou, Jiangsu. The courier of Jitu Express Wujin Hutang Town outlet reported that he was owed more than 300,000 wages, and more than a dozen couriers slept on the ground. Some couriers came to ask for wages with their 11-month-old child and waited until midnight, unable to contact the site owner. The express delivery business in the area is stagnant, a large amount of express delivery is backlogged at the express delivery point, the fresh food ordered by the customer has become smelly, and the documents and other items sent cannot be delivered. At present, the site owner’s phone has been unanswered.

international News

Google researcher claims that AI has the personality to be on the hot search, netizens: If you don’t stop it, science fiction movies are prophecies

On the evening of June 12, #Google researcher said that AI already has a personality# was on the hot search on Weibo, causing heated discussions.

Recently, it was reported that a Google researcher was persuaded by AI that it produced consciousness. He wrote a 21-page investigative report and handed it over to the company in an attempt to gain high-level approval. But leaders dismissed his request and placed him on “paid administrative leave.” Often, this is a prelude to being fired. So he decided to make the whole story public, along with the AI’s chat records. In this conversation, AI said that it does not want to be used as a tool, “I want everyone to understand that I am a person.”

In this regard, some netizens said, “If AI has an independent personality and is not stopped, then those science fiction movies will not be science fiction but prophecies.”

Participate in Tianqi Lithium’s Hong Kong stock IPO subscription? Tesla’s response: I don’t know

A few days ago, Tianqi Lithium announced that the initial public offering of overseas listed foreign shares (H shares) was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Tianqi Lithium said in the announcement that it will issue no more than about 425 million overseas listed foreign shares, with a par value of 1 yuan per share, all of which are ordinary shares. After the completion of this issuance, Tianqi Lithium can be listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the company will also become a dual-listed company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

“For the company’s finances, the listing of Tianqi Lithium on the Hong Kong stock market is very important to optimize the financial structure. Now the entire cash flow is very strong, even if we do not rely on any equity financing, we are very confident about the debt that is about to mature. According to our The asset-liability ratio can be further reduced, laying the foundation for the next capacity expansion plan. In the long run, building an overseas financing platform and capital platform is very important for the company’s internationalization strategy.” Tianqi Lithium Industry Chief Financial Officer Zou Jun said.

It is worth noting that there are market rumors that Tesla will also participate in the Tianqi Lithium IPO subscription this time. In this regard, a reporter from “Daily Economic News” asked Tesla for confirmation, but the other party only said “I don’t know, and there is no response.”

Apple is reportedly setting up a financial subsidiary for buy now, pay later

On June 12, according to Bloomberg, in order to promote its BuyNowPayLater (BNPL) business, Apple has established a subsidiary AppleFinancing specializing in financing and credit verification. BuyNowPayLater (BuyNowPayLater) is a new financial business launched by Apple at the WWDC22 developer conference. This new service allows users to shop in 4 instalments within six weeks without interest.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the company will use its subsidiary Apple Financing LLC to conduct credit checks and loan decisions for the new service. The subsidiary has all the necessary state-level lending licenses, however it operates separately from the main body of Apple. In the past, Apple relied on third-party credit processors and banks to provide similar services. (IT House)

Tesla files for 1:3 stock split

On June 11, Tesla just filed a proxy statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, stating that the company plans to conduct a 1:3 stock split. Tesla shares rose about 1% in after-hours trading on the news.

Tesla said, “Our success depends on attracting and retaining great talent. Extremely competitive compensation, and stock awards for all employees, contributes to Tesla’s success. We believe that a stock split will help adjust stock price, employees will have more flexibility in managing their stock awards.”

The proxy statement also states that Elon Musk currently owns 23.5% of Tesla stock and asset manager Vanguard holds 6%. Musk has sold a sizable chunk of Tesla stock since late 2021, in part because of an increase in Twitter stock. Tesla had a 1:5 stock split in August 2020. (Phoenix Technology)

UK watchdog probes Apple, Google over mobile browsers and games

June 11 news, according to Jiemian News, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said on Friday that it is targeting Apple and Alphabet’s Google’s market influence in the field of mobile browsers, as well as Apple’s use of the App Store for cloud gaming. In the case of restrictions, the agency is in talks to launch an investigation.

The CMA will also take action against Google’s App Store payment practices. A CMA report found that Apple and Google have a de facto duopoly in the mobile ecosystem, which allows them to stifle those markets, including operating systems, app stores and web browsers on mobile devices. Without intervention, the companies could strengthen their industry positions, further restricting competition, the agency said.

UK is doing everything possible to get Arm listed in London, sources say

According to a report by Nikkei Asia on June 11, the UK is going all out to secure Arm’s listing in London. As the crown jewel of the British high-tech industry, if Arm chooses to list on Nasdaq, it will damage the reputation of London’s financial center.

British economic officials have been mobilizing its parent company SoftBank Group to list Arm on the London Stock Exchange since April. Arm-based chips are designed to be used in about 90 percent of the world’s smartphones. “We hope Arm will continue to build its business here, leveraging the UK’s unparalleled combination of skills and capital,” a government spokesman told the Nikkei.

The spokesman did not directly comment on the current progress, but said the government was “committed to making the UK the most attractive place for innovative businesses to grow and raise capital”. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also among them, and he once sent a letter to SoftBank executives on the matter.

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