Lviv, Schneider’s Cafe

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Odo Dobrovolski is a Polish-German artist from Lviv. He is mainly known for his graphic art works, especially watercolors, gouaches and prints. Today’s work is one of the earliest the artist created before going to Paris. The work is based on the last photograph of the cafe before it closed in 1907; its foreground composition depicts a corner of the former Schneider building at 7 Akademichna Street in Lviv. There is an arched window on the rough wall to the right; there is also a balcony above. There is a metal fence on the left, behind which you can see the tables under the awning of the cafe. In the colour scheme, the artist contrasts the planes of black Indian ink with light watercolor tones, which bring out the bright sunlight on the south facade of the house.

Side note: Schneider’s Café is unfortunately closed, but Dobrowski must have seen plenty of other elegant and cozy cafés in Paris! Come see a Parisian café inside a work of art!

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19.1 x 14.7 cm

Borys Voznytsky Lviv National Art Gallery

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