The king of thin life, the emperor of ancient poems – Li Yu

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▲Portrait of Li Yu

Li Yu, the queen of the Southern Tang Dynasty, is really a legend!

Before the age of thirty-eight, he was an emperor, mixed in the harem, flirtatious, flirtatious, and had hardly done anything worthwhile, except for writing lyrics.
After the age of thirty-eight, he could do nothing but write lyrics, but in just three years he left nearly thirty masterpieces that were unprecedented and unparalleled, and became the real emperor— the emperor of poetry .

He does not want to be the ruler of the country, but he is greedy for a luxurious life; He was generous and benevolent to the people, but he was powerless to keep his country.

Southern Tang Dynasty

Qing Dynasty Guo Ling

My ignorance and ignorance are the most traumatic, and I will be heartbroken when Ji returns.

To be a talented person is truly unparalleled, poor life to be a king.

He was a failed emperor, but he left an immortal chapter in the world of ci, and was known as the “Eternal Ci Emperor”.

His ups and downs were all concentrated in these 8 poems.


One heavy mountain, two heavy mountains, the mountains are far away, the sky is high, the smoke and water are cold, and the acacia maple leaf is Dan.
The chrysanthemums are blooming, the chrysanthemums are remnant, the Saiyan Gaofei people have not returned, and a curtain of wind and moon is idle.
——”Sauvignon Blanc · A Chongshan”
Li Yu was born in a deep palace and grew up in the hands of women. All of his young life was the prosperity of the palace and extravagant pleasures. In his heart, there was only the love of men and women.
At this time, Li Yu, pure and shallow, lived a leisurely and enjoyable life. He didn’t understand everything that fate had bestowed, and he had secretly marked the price.
Don’t come to the spring half, it’s heartbreaking. The fallen plums are chaotic like snow, and the whole body is still full.
The news of the geese coming is unfounded, and the dream of Lu Yaogui is difficult to achieve. Away from hatred is like spring grass, going further and further to survive.
——”Qing Ping Le Don’t Come to Spring”
In the autumn of AD 971, Li Yu sent his younger brother Li Congshan to pay tribute to the Song Dynasty and was detained in Bianjing.
In 974, Li Yu asked Song Taizu to let Congshan return to China, but was not allowed. It is said that Li Yu missed him very much and often cried bitterly. At this time, Li Yu had grown up and felt helpless in the world.
A person’s life is like falling plums and spring snow, scattered with the wind. Gathering and parting, everything is full of accidents, don’t imitate Li Yu’s self-pity, we must face such accidents with a certain mentality!
Forty years of home and country, three thousand miles of mountains and rivers. Fengge, Longlou, and Xiaohan, and Yushu and Qiongzhi are smoked radishes. How many times have they known each other?
Once classified as a minister and captive, he would sink his waist and pan temples to spend. The most hurried day of leaving the temple, Jiaofang still played parting songs, weeping to Gong E.
——”Broken Time: Forty Years of Home and Country”
In 975 AD, Zhao Kuangyin was in charge of the Northern Song Dynasty, and sent troops to besiege Nanjing. After struggling for many days, Li Yu finally chose to surrender in order to save the people of the Southern Tang Dynasty from the war. for a while”.
Home for forty years, this mountain and river has never had a war, but now, it has become a place of captives. The country is destroyed and the family is destroyed. It is heartbreaking to see the people fleeing in a hurry, and the palace maid who secretly weeps.
Last night it was windy and rainy, and the curtains were rustling with the sound of autumn.
The candle residue leaks and breaks frequently, and the pillow cannot be leveled when sitting up.
The world goes with the flow of water, and it is a dream come to life. Zuixiang Road should be stable and frequent, and it is unbearable.
——”Wow Ye Cry, Last Night’s Wind and Rain”

After the Song Dynasty, Li Yu lived a humiliating and humiliating life as a prisoner. Since then, Li Yu’s poems have been divided into two periods, one before and after the other. to deep.
Pleasure is often superficial, while pain is deep. Suffering can never be avoided in human life.
Suffering is just suffering, not the wealth of life. What you learn from suffering is the most precious treasure.
Wu Yan went up to the west building alone, the moon was like a hook.
Lonely Indus deep courtyard locks Qingqiu.
The cutting is constant, the rationale is still chaotic, and it is the sorrow of separation. Don’t be the general taste in your heart.
——”Happy Meeting · Silently Going to the West Building Alone”
The former emperor of the Southern Dynasty has now become a prisoner of the North. Li Yu’s complex emotions such as sorrow, remorse, sadness, and desolation can be imagined.

However, the troubles of life will always be pruned and chaotic. It is not easy for everyone to walk hard in the world, so we should learn to get along with ourselves, turn grief and anger into strength, and become the stronger self.

Outside the curtain, the rain is gurgling, and the spring is fading,
Luo Qin couldn’t bear the cold. In the dream, I do not know that I am a guest, and I am greedy for a while.
Don’t lean on the railing alone, there is no limit to the country, it is easy to see other times and difficult to see. Flowing water and flowers and spring are gone, heaven and earth.
——”Lands of Sandstorms, Gurgling Rain Outside the Curtain”
When the pain in his heart could not be resolved, Li Yu brought up his pen again. The hand that once wrote Fenghuaxueye began to write the hatred of subjugation of the country, and here he wrote “Waves and Sands”.
The sound of rain outside the window does not stop, and in the middle of the night, the blanket is thin, the cold air invades the body, and I faintly fall into a dream. I forgot that I was not in my hometown, that thousand miles of rivers and mountains, I don’t know when I will see you again?
The country is broken by mountains and rivers, and the city springs with deep grass and trees. The country is destroyed and the family is destroyed, and I am alone, and things are different. I can only relive the old dreams in my dreams.
Lin Hua thanked Chunhong for being in a hurry. Helpless, the cold rain comes in the morning and the wind comes in the evening.

Rouge tears, stay drunk, when heavy. Naturally, people grow and hate water and grow east.
——”Happy Meeting Lin Hua Xie Chunhong”
The life of being imprisoned for a crime made Li Yu feel great pain.
In his letter to the Jiugong people in Jinling (now Nanjing, Jiangsu), he said, “In this day and night, I only wash my face with tears.” No one can comprehend the pain in the heart, and there is nowhere to excrete it. It can only be turned into a series of mourning poems for masturbation.
As he wrote, we are born as human beings, and in just a few dozen cold years, we always have to face all kinds of regrets.

Regret is a compulsory course in life. Only if you don’t get it, will you work harder; only if you lose it, will you know how to cherish it.

Thinking about it this way, is regret not a fulfillment?

When are the spring flowers and autumn moon, and how much do you know about the past? The small building was windy again last night, and the motherland was unbearable to look back at the bright moon!
The carved railings and jade masonry should still be there, but Zhu Yan has changed them.
How much worry can you have? Just like a river of spring water flowing eastward.
——”When is the Spring Flower and Autumn Moon”
Last night, the east wind blew, and the old things of the motherland can only be seen in the bright moon in the sky. The tall buildings and the carved stone steps are still there, but the people are not like yesterday, and they are full of melancholy and nowhere to solve.
His emotionally filled words reached Taizong Zhao Guangyi’s ears, and the words finally made Taizong unbearable and furious. So he decided to get rid of Li Yu, and sent someone to reward him with a glass of imperial wine, but beforehand, the wine was mixed with a lethal drug to induce the opportunity.

After “Yu Meiren”, there is no Li Yu.


▲Li Yu’s paintings

Wang Guowei commented on Li Yu’s life in “The Words of the World”, ” Heaven makes a man with a hundred evil spirits “.

 He was supposed to be a gentle and jade-like son, but after all the hardships and world affairs, he became a king with a poor life, and he couldn’t even decide his own death. Li Yu, with the grief of his own “homeland”, has written about the impermanent pain of people through the ages. If there is reincarnation, I hope that in the next life, he will not be born in the family of the emperor.

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