Magical Picture-in-Picture – Display pictures, text, web pages, PDFs, and videos in a picture-in-picture window [iPad/iPhone]

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Magic Picture -in-Picture is an application that displays PDF, TXT, pictures, videos, text, and web pages on the screen in the form of iOS standard picture-in-picture, which is simple and practical. @Appinn

神奇画中画 - 在画中画窗口中显示图片、文字、网页、PDF,还有视频[iPad/iPhone]

Magical Picture-in-Picture – Display anything in the picture-in-picture window

Picture-in-picture is a system-level function in the current iOS system, but not all applications support it, and most of them are video picture-in-picture. It is very interesting to provide the picture-in-picture function to other files for use, probably “not split screen is better than split screen”.

Magical PiP supports setting the following files as PiP:

  • PDF file
  • TXT file
  • picture
  • video
  • text in clipboard
  • Web page

And they all support page turning, turning pages like a video. You can even choose multiple pictures to put in the picture-in-picture, and then slowly turn over, chatting and viewing albums, which is also very good.

For TXT, especially for reading novels, automatic page turning is realized through the play button, which is perfect.

神奇画中画 - 在画中画窗口中显示图片、文字、网页、PDF,还有视频[iPad/iPhone] 1
神奇画中画 - 在画中画窗口中显示图片、文字、网页、PDF,还有视频[iPad/iPhone] 2


The magic picture-in-picture is priced at 6 yuan on the App Store. Green Frog asked the developer @Megabits for 6 redemption codes, which will be sent out on the niche software WeChat public account (appionncom).


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