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I haven’t logged out of Weibo for a while, and “I don’t understand” is still popular. Usually, there will be a lot of “I don’t understand” under those Weibo posts that are sudden, or that are very strong in magical realism, or some kind of deformed way of handling news or events that do not meet the requirements of the public.

Originally, the stalk of “I don’t understand” was a primary school student who wrote “I don’t understand” about the test content in crooked words when he was answering. Later, it gradually became a group of people who were “dissatisfied” with a certain event or the way a certain event was handled, but they were powerless and felt that these were all “above” practices, so they used “I don’t understand” as a verbal expression. The innuendo and emotional helplessness— but in essence, there are many similarities to the “I don’t understand” written by the primary school student at the beginning—for example, this is indeed the behavior of primary school students.

Of course, we can “raise” this matter a lot. Unlike the swan song “This is our last generation” , “I don’t understand” is more like a collective chorus – it sings a group of contemporary young people against each other. The “sorrow” of social and public opinion control is a manifestation of collective helplessness and powerlessness. Of course, to reach such a height is not as shocking as “this is our last generation”. Because after all “this is our last generation” is an actual act, and “I don’t understand” has no actual act, just a silent statement. (I’ve refrained from using shit and pee as a metaphor, but I almost mean it – “I don’t understand” is more like a fart that doesn’t make a sound or smell.)

It needs to be stated here that my interpretation of “I don’t understand” is not a kind of slapstick, but it has no practical meaning in itself, so there is no need to slap it, but to say that they are elementary school students is indeed derogatory. inside. Because I was an “I don’t understand” person in the past, I quickly realized that when I made the “I don’t understand” voice, nothing actually changed. And this kind of quickness in the mouth can’t change any injustice.

For this reason, when I was young, I would have had several conflicts with my mother, probably because I expressed a dissatisfaction like “I don’t understand” about those unfair things. She felt that she should choose to shut up at this time. It doesn’t make any sense to make these noises without making any change – because people who have made what they think are some kind of “right” decisions will because you have more and more people saying “I I don’t understand”, and felt even more that he had made the right decision, because no one could really stop him, but used this meaningless way to so-called “conflict”. If it doesn’t change – accept it.

When I was young, of course I couldn’t agree with the “big truths” my mother said. I even felt that her generation was because of the relationship of “submissiveness”, which led to the development of this society towards an even more uncontrollable situation. As for starting to take the same approach to the next generation – but in fact, think about it again, what kind of change can those so-called “I don’t understand” bring about?

In the past two days, a news about men beating women exploded on the Internet, and then a lot of issues were presented: for example, how should women protect themselves, why should they tell women that they should protect themselves, why men can’t stand up to protect women… Of course, There are also many “I don’t understand” arguments and definitions, such as “all men dare not stand up when women face danger” or “why women blame women for not protecting themselves when something happens” and so on.

To be honest, these arguments are about as much as the “I don’t understand”, because all the discussion is out of the original “reality level”. However, this kind of topic will inevitably lead to questions such as “if your girlfriend is beaten, will you stand up as a man”.

At this time, what they are asking for is no longer a simple answer like “I don’t understand”, but an exact answer from the other party, and each answer will deduce a ugliness and filth about human nature – in order to distinguish these “” I don’t understand” self, they stand on the moral high ground to judge the “hypothetical choices” made by a person, then turn their heads and say “I don’t” to the “decisive choices” made by those they can’t intervene understand”, and finally throw a hypothetical test of humanity that does not allow anyone to answer “I don’t understand” like them.

On another level, not understanding the group of “I don’t understand” people is also one of the original sins of the Internet, because you didn’t put yourself in the shoes of those who mourned “I don’t understand”. Therefore, the voice of “I don’t understand” is made, so that more people can understand their incomprehension, and then they do not understand the rules and order that they do not understand – that’s all.

I have always felt that “I don’t understand” and “I don’t want to grow up” are actually two branches of the same nature, so the solutions to them are the same.

I don’t want to grow up – then you die.

I don’t understand – then go to hell.

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