Making of Dynamic Date in Excel

The nature of dates are numbers

As shown in the figure, when you change the cell from date format to regular, you will find that the essence of the date is a number. January 1, 1900 is the number 1, increasing by the number of days, so January 31, 1900 is 31, and April 21, 2022 is 44672.

Knowing this property, we can increment the number by 1 so that the date changes automatically.

DATE function

Format: DATE(年,月,日)

As shown in the figure above, using the DATE function in cell D2 to reference cells A1, A2, and A3, the date of 2022年4月21日is obtained. According to the fact that the date is essentially a number, add 1 to the cell D2 to get the date of April 22. And so on, starting from cell E2, just fill the cells to the right, and the following dates will be automatically generated. As shown below:

Date is displayed as week

First, we will copy the data from D2 to G2, as shown in the figure:

After that, we will change the data from D3 to F3 to a cell format in row 3 and customize it as aaa , so that the week can be displayed.

If you want to display it like Monday, just change aaa to aaaa . If you want to display it in the form of Monday, just change aaa to "周"aaa . Since the methods are similar, they are not shown here.

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