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Then yesterday’s “car accident” continued.

The car accident I experienced a few days ago was not “interesting”, because I was not a person who would pick up on the opponent and have to fight for face and win or lose with him, so the rear-end driver just accepted the responsibility of the traffic police and dealt with it. After getting the certificate, they go their separate ways and do not owe each other. However, in the traffic accident handling office at night, I recorded several traffic accidents belonging to others with my mobile phone, and the focus of their arguments and the way they argued became the inspiration for today.

There is a pair of accident disputes, a taxi driver and a motorcycle driver. Their traffic accident can be recovered from the content of their quarrel. It is the motorcycle driver who is preparing to overtake from the left side of the taxi driver, but rents the car. At this time, the driver of the car rubbed with the motorcycle on the left side of the lane while avoiding a passerby on the right. In fact, the identification of this accident is also very simple. What the motorcycle must follow is to drive on the right side of the road. Since he scratched with the taxi on the left side of the road, it is of course his responsibility. But when they were queuing, they kept arguing. The motorcycle knew that he didn’t care, but after all, he was “weak” in this accident, so he grasped this point and emphasized that he was not wrong, but that the taxi took the right The road is too narrow – the crowd is angry, as if saying that the taxi will not give him a way to survive.

To be honest, if I were a police officer dealing with traffic accidents at the night traffic accident handling office, it would be hard to hear them arguing in the face of such disputes. I would rather let them get tired of arguing and then come to mediation – sure enough, the police are not in a hurry to deal with their accidents Disputes, because the two of them are arguing over content that has nothing to do with the division of traffic responsibilities. Of course, the taxi driver will not admit compensation. He was originally looking for money. He has countless reasons to explain his behavior (of course, there are countless experiences of escaping punishment), and the motorcycle driver obviously knows that he may become a The party responsible for the accident, but he couldn’t show the slightest “lose the game” momentum at the moment, and still argued with the taxi driver relentlessly. Seeing that they were arguing louder and louder, and the content of the quarrel had become “right and wrong”, obviously no problem could be solved by arguing like this. Use.” Then, the two finally began to discuss the ultimate purpose of their nonsense for a long time, but who did not intend to bring up the first thing – as if, in such a quarrel, whoever proposes the amount of compensation first means that As they had conceded morally, they moved on to the next game.

In the next ten minutes, the two of them started a heated discussion about whether to pay 300 or 350. This is another game. The motorcycle driver has obviously agreed that he should compensate the other party, but he has not completely lost. In this dignified game, although he has already lost the game morally, in this final, the difference of 50 yuan means that his dignity has also been lost.

I’m too lazy to listen to their disputes, because about whether the 50 yuan should be paid, they have dug up all the theories and reasons they just surpassed. Obviously, they still don’t want to lose completely in this dignified game. Although the taxi has already won the other party morally, it still wants the other party to pay the “price” for the sophistry just now. Although the motorcycle driver has lost morally, 50 yuan is related to whether he can show himself to the other party. Although he lost, he still had a victorious attitude. Of course, the fact that the two of them can quarrel over 50 dollars also shows that the two of them will not fight, because they are both fighting for their dignity, but they have lost all face in that environment – they also I can only cowardly fight for the 50 yuan to win or lose. This is not a car accident, it is more like a human accident, or an accident caused by dignity.

Another group of people, the accident is also very simple, the passengers did not observe the rear and opened the door on the left, and gave a “open door” to the motorcycle driving next to it. The female passenger obviously didn’t think she was at fault, even though the ride-hailing driver had patiently explained to her that he had reminded the passenger to get off on the right before the passenger got off. The female passenger felt that the reminder was not enough, so why not lock the door on the left so that passengers could not open it, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers. The traffic police explained to the female passenger first, believing that the online car-hailing driver had fulfilled his duty to remind, but the passenger did not take it, then the passenger should be responsible for it. The female passenger refused to accept it, saying that she did not hear it. The car-hailing driver has probably seen too many such unreasonable female passengers. He sneered, then took out his mobile phone and showed the video in the car to the traffic police: Indeed, the car-hailing driver was waiting for the female passenger to get off. The car had previously reminded passengers to get off on the right side – seeing the video, the female passenger still complained without changing her face, thinking that the voice of the online car-hailing driver was too low to be heard.

I didn’t pay attention to this dispute for too long, because their argument was meaningless after that. The female passenger refused to admit her responsibility. She had already taken out her mobile phone and was typing something quickly. It looked like she was going to write an article on Weibo. A short essay on male and female opposition.

It’s hard to say whether this is a man-made accident, because she seems to not understand not only the reminders from the online car-hailing driver, but also the police’s explanation from a legal point of view.

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