The new metaverse layout of “Crazy Eater” “Original Cube”, what is the collection value?

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The ceiling of NFT distribution often lies in the imagination space and narrative ability of its IP -like Jaylen Bear (PhantaBear), Leng Rabbit NFT (X Rabbits Club) benefit from its native IP influence, while the BAYC series is a future narrative master .

They have indeed brought a certain wealth-making effect, so the distribution of digital art copyright IP or derivative cultural and creative products that can tell a story is often a better opportunity for the brand.

On July 21, the “Crazy Eaters Club” just released the news on its official WeChat account that the sales version “Original Cube will be launched soon” . As the head player of China’s digital art copyrights, the “Crazy Eaters Club” is in the domestic digital art. The field of art has always had a very high public awareness.

Will the launch of the new “Original Cube” series continue its previous explosion rhythm and continue to become a community event with huge attention and traffic?


The Metaverse Layout and Ambition of “Crazy Eaters Club”

In fact, in the field of digital art copyright, in January 2022, the “Crazy Eater Club” project under the brand of Hangzhou Yuanzhi Chuangyi Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yuanzhi Chuangyi”) has been regarded as a “veteran” and is also regarded as a “veteran”. China’s “Boring Ape Yacht Club”:

Since the beginning of its creation, it has been constantly exploring the display of artistic value in the field of digital technology, and at the same time, because of its breakthrough aesthetics, it has aroused heated discussions among the public.

1. “Crazy Eaters” X Trend Music

Original musician Taiyi, as a star collector of “Crazy Eaters”, created the single “Luo Shenguo” on major music platforms such as QQ Music and NetEase Cloud Music, which quickly triggered a “crazy eater” style of music. The pursuit and attention are quite trending out of the circle.


2. “Crazy Eaters” X Fashion

“Crazy Eaters Club” started the industry empowerment, and its first batch of co-branded T-shirts were sold out in seconds, and attracted a large number of spontaneous buyers to show their cards.

Yi Nengjing, who is known as the perfect talent in the entertainment industry and known as a talented creative woman, is wearing a custom T-shirt this time. With her own influence, it has brought unexpected empowerment and support to the promotion of digital art practice.


Xilinnayi Gao, a popular new generation in the music industry, is wearing a “crazy eater” and launched the first limited edition T-shirt in collaboration with limitless industry, and posted beautiful photos on Weibo.


3. “Crazy Eaters” X High-End Auctions

In May of this year, “Crazy Eater” and “Crazy Eater” were auctioned for the first time through the Cosmic Weiyi auction. The total turnover was ¥690,000 at Poly Xiamen auction, and the copyright of two “Crazy Eater” works were sold, and the auction was successful for the first time.


Today, the business layout of “crazy eaters” is gradually revealed, showing a trend of deep extension, and it is on the rise . Just like the well-known national trend sports brand Xtep ‘s well-known Slogan – “feeling like flying”.


In July this year, Xtep officially announced on its official Weibo that it released limited new products together with “Crazy Eaters” to help the diversified development of China’s Metaverse and digital cultural industries. The Crazy Eaters digital artwork used is from one of the 10,000 Crazy Eaters Club digital artworks, #0266 Colorful Eaters Eating Tea.

This time, the digital trend brand “Crazy Eater” and the trend sports brand “Xtep” have joined forces to lead the new ecology of trend culture development.

Grass snake gray line, floating pulse thousands of miles. Therefore, to a certain extent, the further layout of “Crazy Eater” in NFT and Metaverse is expected:

Whether it is Chinese people’s awareness or practical accumulation of IP, “Crazy Eaters” has gradually built a first-mover advantage over other traditional players, and can attract a large number of users to experience, use and support NFT and Metaverse. change.

The newly launched “Original Cube” series this time is a key step for Yuanzhi Creative’s “Crazy Eater Club” to continue to promote the development plan of the Metaverse, which also means that its main line process has been officially launched, regardless of the follow-up “Crazy Eater Club”. Whether the new series of “Original Cube” goes well, its influence is destined to go beyond the release event itself.


What is the “Original Cube” for Crazy Eaters?

According to official reports, every collector who owns the original cube digital copyright artworks can obtain independent creative space in the future metaverse to create their own metaverse world.

Just like in the “Minecraft” game, players can build their own world system. Whether it is the basic ecosystem or the high-level management system, they are all designed by the players themselves.

The core idea of ​​the original cube is the same – any player and developer with an idea can play their own creativity in it.

And the original cube is actually a step further, because thanks to the blessing of ownership by blockchain technology, the cube world of “crazy eaters” can explore the artistic value of digital artworks in a more entertaining and commercial way. Commercial value and practical significance.

In short, Primordial Cube = “Earth” in the Metaverse.

image.png This means that through Primitive Cube, collectors can form a “dinner group” with their friends, plant and produce new-generation ingredients, and make rare “delicious” delicacies to explore the infinitely rich ecology in the metaverse world:

For example, under the guidance of “Farming DNA”, every collector can participate in the whole process of food planting and production, which is equivalent to satisfying everyone’s “Metaverse Lego Dream” and building their own Metaverse Second. world, while Primitive Cube allows users to build their own world of diners by providing powerful and relatively easy-to-use editing tools.

In this way, collectors can not only experience the process of food planting and “delicious food” production in the original cube metaverse, but also combine the attributes of rare collocation and full ownership to complete the value discovery process in the form of gamification experience.


After the “Original Cube”, where is the next stop?

On the one hand, because of the recognition and community popularity of Crazy Eater’s practice in the field of digital art, as more users are introduced, it is likely to form a benign domestic digital art copyright series distribution atmosphere.

On the other hand, to a certain extent, whether it is a community fan of crazy eaters or other collectors in the field of domestic digital art copyright in the future, everyone is a community of interests, and they all hope to usher in the value of a series of digital art copyright works as soon as possible. revaluation.

This time, the original cube digital art copyright is also created and drawn by computer artificial intelligence artist V-KLMT. The global limited edition is 6,000 pieces. All unique original cubes will be certified by ERC-721 on a third-party blockchain certification platform.


The results produced by members using Primal Cubes of different rarities will vary: the higher the rarity of the Primitive Cube, the higher the proportion of rare results.

According to the official description, there are two ways to obtain it:

1. Targeted airdrops (2000)

Primitive Cube will be given to club members who have collected the “Crazy Eater Set” through targeted airdrops. The Crazy Eater Set will be composed of five sets of diners with the same rarity level (R, SR, SSR). Members who have collected the set can obtain ordinary (R) and rare according to the corresponding collection difficulty. (SR-grade) and ultra-rare (SSR-grade) original cubic digital art copyright.

2. Sold on the shelves according to rarity (4000 pieces)

The details are as follows:

1. By holding the diners to receive a gift

Diners who hold 5 of the same level can get a cube of the same level, which is more cost-effective, but not suitable for short-term.

2. Seize the preemptive purchase qualification

1) Priority purchase of ID card. Trailblazers, Arrivals, and Defenders can obtain preferential rights to purchase cubes by virtue of their special status. In the “Crazy Eaters Club”, with a special status, you have exclusive VIP privileges, and there is no need to hesitate to buy with one click.

2) Owning derivatives. Hold the Oracle series or consume “Yuanchu” to purchase first (derivatives → copyrighted products). It is a fast, convenient and stable way, but the capital cost of consuming the way to obtain the preferential purchase privilege at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty is relatively high, so collectors can choose carefully.

3) Member achievement point ranking priority purchase (which does not conflict with the above priority purchase qualifications, and can be obtained at the same time), according to the achievement points of all members in the achievement system, the corresponding cubic priority purchase rights are given.



Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet, the current hot market for digital collections is also a testament to the innovation vitality and practical application needs of the industry . How to make the value and concept of NFT and Metaverse truly attained on the premise of ensuring the interests of all parties Realization and play should be something that every participant should strive to do.

Crazy Eater has also made many interesting and valuable practices in the field of digital art copyright before, aiming to create an open, inclusive, eclectic, Web3-oriented metaverse brand.

As for the new series “Original Cube”, what kind of waves will it make, and how will it be laid out in the future, let’s wait and see.


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