Master, stay in the circle

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I can’t have this object, I can’t even remember my birthday.

But if it wasn’t for my mother’s reminder, I might have forgotten that today is my birthday.

Recently, I feel more and more that my brain is not very good – I often forget a lot of things.

Forgetting has become the norm. Is this what people often say about being careless?

Are you careful not to forget?

The human brain is actually limited.

It is often said in movies that the human brain is only developed in a small part – in fact, it is nonsense.

Human life activities mobilize every cell in the whole body, and they are breathing, metabolically aging all the time.

The power to constrain order is waning, and everything is moving towards disorder.

It is the norm in the world that new things replace old things, and the important things are given higher priority than the less important things.

People will miss, and when returning to the moment they miss, they will miss a further point in time.

For example, we often miss our childhood, but when we return to our childhood, we will miss this moment.

Even if the present is the future in the past.

However, after returning to childhood, this moment will become the past.

I often feel like I’m in chains – and I am.

Most people in the world will give themselves a heavy shackle, this is just a normal human condition.

As if we are not in the circle that Wukong draws, there must be bad results.

However, when Tang Sanzang took that step, didn’t he survive the catastrophe in the end?

It’s hard to tell if the journey is one step closer, for better or for worse.

Fortunes and misfortunes depend on each other, be more calm and free, and when your thoughts are mastered, you will feel at ease.

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