Record yourself | 2022.06.20

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Beginning June 7, 2022, record yourself. It is mainly divided into two aspects: 1. Record your own life, thoughts and mood, etc.; 2. Record your own work, study and diligence. Life Thoughts 1. I read today. I just read that Zeng Guofan came out of the mountains and formed a new army to resist the Taiping Army and bandits. Although he experienced many failures, it can be said to be a fatal failure. He tried to die several times, but was stopped by his friends. The emperor asked the emperor to punish severely, and they were all exempted. For us ordinary people, most of us will be devastated when we encounter this kind of failure. But the reason why Zeng Guofan is Zeng Guofan is even called the Washington of the Far East by author Hale […]

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