Meta and Qualcomm sign an agreement to jointly produce custom chips for VR devices


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Pinwan, September 2, according to Reuters, Facebook parent company Meta and Qualcomm announced today at the “Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin” that the two sides have signed an agreement to be produced by Qualcomm for Meta’s Quest virtual reality (VR) device. Custom Chipset.

Meta and Qualcomm said in a statement that the companies’ engineering and product teams will work together to produce the chips. The chips will be powered by Qualcomm’s “Snapdragon” platform.

The companies did not disclose financial details of the deal. But the collaboration shows Meta’s recognition and continued support of Qualcomm’s technology, even as Meta is trying to develop its own custom chips for its planned line of virtual, augmented and mixed reality devices.

In response, Meta spokesperson Tyler Yee said that while the chipset produced through this partnership is not unique to Meta, it is specifically optimized for the Quest’s system specifications. The partnership agreement only covers virtual reality devices, and Meta will continue to work hard to develop some of its own new silicon solutions, Yi said.

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