Microsoft may sell ads in free Xbox games

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Microsoft will develop a program to help marketers place ads within free Xbox games, according to people familiar with the matter, according to BusinessInsider . Businesses can purchase an advertising space to secure space on a virtual billboard.

It’s unclear if this model will extend to character skins or video scrolling, but Microsoft is apparently creating a “private marketplace” that only allows ads from brands that don’t disrupt the gaming experience.

Reports say Microsoft is still looking for ad tech companies that can help it build its catalog and determine where to place it. But the first rollout of such an ad may not take too long, and it may officially debut in the third quarter, which is this summer. Microsoft was noncommittal. A company spokesperson said in a statement that Microsoft has been working to “improve the experience” for developers and gamers, but “has not shared any information yet.”

The project could spark dissatisfaction among players, who worry that real-world product advertisements could take the opportunity to infiltrate the virtual world. But Microsoft’s focus on delivering ads to free-to-play games is critical. This can help developers make money from free games without relying too heavily on paid content like skins and subscription fees. This could hopefully attract more developers to design games for the Xbox in competition with the PlayStation and Switch.

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