Microsoft’s layoffs and severance pay reached US$800 million, with an average compensation of 540,000 yuan per person; the flying man Bolt was defrauded of US$12.7 million; some American universities blocked TikTok丨Leifeng Morning Post

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Microsoft’s second-quarter revenue fell short of market expectations, and cloud business will continue to decelerate in the next six months

On January 25, Microsoft announced its results for the second quarter of fiscal 2023 ending December 31, 2022. The financial report shows that Microsoft’s second-quarter revenue was US$52.75 billion, which was lower than the market’s expected US$52.94 billion, a year-on-year increase of 2%, the lowest growth rate since 2016. An $800 million charge from layoffs and a sharp slowdown in PC software growth pushed Microsoft’s net income down to $16.4 billion in the latest quarter, 12% lower than a year earlier. Excluding layoffs, Microsoft’s second-quarter net profit fell 7 percent to $17.4 billion.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Microsoft faces a decline in the performance of its core business Windows+Office at the end of 2022. In the quarter ended December 31, 2022, Microsoft’s productivity and business process division, which mainly includes Office software, had revenue of $17 billion, a year-on-year increase of 7%. Revenue from the More Personal Computing division, which includes businesses such as Windows, Surface devices and Xbox, was $14.2 billion, down 19% year-over-year; sales of Windows licenses to PC makers fell about 39% year-over-year, down from the first quarter 15% drop.

In addition, according to the performance in the second half of 2022, Microsoft’s new growth engine cloud computing business shows signs of slowing down. In the three months to the end of 2022, its intelligent cloud business unit had revenue of $21.5 billion, an increase of 18% year-on-year. Among them, the revenue growth rate of Azure cloud computing services, which has received much attention, increased by about 31%. Acknowledging the reality of the slowdown in the cloud business, Nadella said Microsoft experienced a slowdown at the end of last year, and Azure’s percentage growth had dropped to the “mid-30s” and could decelerate four to five more in the next six months. percent.

During the reporting period, Microsoft will spend US$1.2 billion for the recently announced 10,000-person layoff plan, modification of hardware product lines, and merger of leases, of which US$800 million in employee severance costs, with an average compensation of RMB 54 for each laid-off employee. ten thousand yuan. (Interface News)

Domestic information

Ideal L9 car owners say NOA assisted driving “failure” at high speed, Li Xiang responded

On January 24, the owner of an ideal L9 car posted a video saying that the L9 NOA (automatically assisted navigation driving) failed at high speed, without any warning and active braking action, resulting in a lack of reaction and hitting a parallel vehicle in front. The owner of the car said that the ideal company believed that the data was normal, and did not admit that there was a problem with NOA, and encountered difficulties in rights protection.

In this regard, Li Xiang, the founder of Ideal Auto, asked the car owner through Weibo on January 25 whether he would like to disclose the whole process of the assisted driving system in the collision accident with Ideal. Li Xiang mentioned, “We will keep the structural data of vehicle perception and regulation for each collision accident, in full compliance with regulatory requirements, without any security and privacy involved.” Disclosing this process data can also visually popularize the work of assisted driving. principle.

Later, Li Xiang added, “In the past, due to insufficient vehicle computing power and sensor capabilities, the black box could not be realized. AD Pro and AD Max have relatively basic black box capabilities for assisted driving. What is the speed of the participating vehicles? Have you perceived it? Yes No safety reminder? Is there active braking? The result is clear at a glance.”

Xiaomi car was exposed to confidential model design drawings, the official response is not the final version

On January 24, Xiaomi Group made a specific response to the recently exposed design pictures of Xiaomi’s first model. The leaked pictures of Xiaomi car models mainly show the design details of the front face and rear of the vehicle, including the bumper of Xiaomi car, the decorative parts of Xiaomi MS11, and the details of the cooperation between Xiaomi and BAIC Molding.

In response to this picture information, Xiaomi Group responded that this is indeed a leak of the confidential design documents of the second-tier supplier, but the supplier is only a supplier for mold proofing, and the leaked documents are design drafts of a very early bidding process, not The final document, (Xiaomi) will definitely handle it seriously according to the non-disclosure agreement signed with this supplier.

It is worth noting that the BAIC Mold mentioned in the leaked picture is strictly a joint venture subsidiary of BAIC Group. Tianyancha information shows that Beijing Beiqi Mold & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is a member of Beijing Automotive Group. It was jointly established by Beijing Hainachuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 49%, of which the former is jointly established by Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Industrial Development Investment Management Co., Ltd., and the two hold 60% and 40% of the shares respectively. (First Finance and Economics)

Audi won the lawsuit against NIO for trademark infringement, Qin Lihong: Will resolutely appeal

Weilai’s overseas expansion has been hindered. A few days ago, Audi won a trademark lawsuit against NIO in Germany. According to German media reports, the Munich District Court in Germany ruled in the first instance that the names of Weilai NIO ESG and ES8 infringed Audi’s trademark rights because they could be mistaken for the electric models of the Audi brand S6 and S8, and Weilai was banned from using ES6 and ES8. The model name ES8 is sold in Germany. The judges agreed that Nio’s model names were actually different from Audi’s, but even so, the additional letter “E” wasn’t enough to distinguish them enough for consumers to think they were “psychologically related, at least in pronunciation.” in this way”.

In response, Qin Lihong, the co-founder of NIO, responded that this is only the preliminary trial and not the final result. The company will resolutely appeal and use legal means to protect its legitimate rights and interests.

BYD will wholly take over Yi’an Property & Casualty Insurance, or enter the insurance industry

A few days ago, according to media reports, BYD will wholly take over Yi’an Property & Casualty Insurance and hold 100% of its shares. At present, the bankruptcy and reorganization plan of Yi’an Property & Casualty Insurance has basically been completed. After taking over Yi’an Property & Casualty Insurance, BYD will apply to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission for the qualification of auto insurance, mainly focusing on new energy vehicles to carry out insurance business.

Relevant information shows that Yi’an Property & Casualty Insurance was established in February 2016 with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, and operates various types of insurance directly related to Internet transactions. In 2018, with the concentrated outbreak of P2P credit risks, the performance of Yi’an Property & Casualty Insurance, which relies on the Internet to acquire customers, plummeted; on July 15, 2022, Yi’an Property & Casualty Insurance was approved to enter bankruptcy and reorganization procedures, and BYD submitted a reorganization investment plan. (fast technology)

Asia’s first virtual asset ETFs listed in Hong Kong

Recently, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Invest Promotion Agency announced that the first batch of virtual asset exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in Asia were successfully listed in Hong Kong in mid-December last year, representing Hong Kong’s official approval of fully regulated virtual asset products to trade in Hong Kong. According to reports, the two ETFs listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are CSOP Bitcoin Futures ETF and CSOP Ethereum Futures ETF. As one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s market, ETFs are becoming increasingly diversified, including the launch of the first metaverse ETF, the first carbon futures ETF and the first blockchain ETF.

Meizu Technology’s mobile phone appearance patent is first exposed, Meizu 20 is coming back after two years


Recently, the well-known digital blogger “Digital Chat Station” exposed the appearance patent of Meizu’s upcoming new phone Meizu 20 series. Judging from the patent drawings, the Meizu 20 series will retain the iconic design of the ring flash, which consists of ten dual-color temperature LED beads to form a ring flash. This design has been used since the Meizu Pro6 series in 2016 and has been used for nearly 6 years.

Specifically, the Meizu 20 series has three rear cameras, including the main camera + telephoto + ultra-wide-angle conventional three-camera, and the ring flash is expected to be equipped with a laser focus sensor to assist in precise focusing when taking pictures at night. The front of the mobile phone will be equipped with a centered hollow-out straight screen, and there is a high probability that it will continue to use the industry’s first ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology to expand the fingerprint recognition area. According to the previously disclosed information, the Meizu 20 series will use the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform and be equipped with satellite communication technology. (fast technology)

Su Hua, Chairman of Kuaishou, has reduced his holdings by nearly 3.8 billion Hong Kong dollars: Said to be used for charitable donations and frontier exploration

According to the announcement of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Kuaishou chairman Su Hua recently reduced his holdings of 54.7138 million Class B shares through a block transaction, accounting for about 1.26% of the total issued share capital of Kuaishou. After the shareholding reduction, Su Hua still holds 9.87% of the total share capital of Kuaishou Technology, owns 38.08% of the voting rights, and is still the controlling shareholder of the company.

Kuaishou said that the sale will not have any adverse impact on the company’s normal operations. The proceeds from the sale of Su Hua will be used in charitable donations, cutting-edge technology exploration, and infrastructure investment. The charitable part will be carried out through the irrevocable Enlightenment Technology Foundation managed by an independent trustee, and all funds will eventually be used for public welfare purposes. The direction of funding includes basic scientific research projects, as well as research and development of tools, mechanisms and facilities to improve scientific research efficiency. At the same time, a science and technology infrastructure trust will also be established, mainly investing in cutting-edge technology projects and related infrastructure.

Foxconn’s highest bonus for left-behind workers during the Spring Festival is 13,000 yuan: Planning for the iPhone 15 production site has begun

In order to ensure sufficient supply during the Spring Festival, Zhengzhou Foxconn released an incentive policy in January showing that the maximum reward will reach 13,000 yuan. Employees of the iPEBG business group can receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan if they work no less than 23 days in January. Workers of the Zhengzhou Foxconn iDPBG business group have a higher subsidy in January, with a maximum of 13,000 yuan. This means that if Zhengzhou Foxconn workers choose to stay behind during the Spring Festival, they will receive a bonus of 13,000 yuan.

In addition to ensuring the continuous supply of the flagship iPhone for the Spring Festival, this is also preparation for the iPhone 15 series. According to a report from Sina Technology, an employee of Zhengzhou Foxconn iPEBG business group revealed, “The big boss is already planning the production site of the iPhone 15 series, and has held several meetings. shipped over.”

International information

Microsoft layoffs and severance pay up to 800 million US dollars, with an average compensation of 540,000 yuan per person

Recently, Microsoft announced that in response to slowing revenue growth, the company will lay off 10,000 employees by March 31. Microsoft’s fiscal year 2023 Q2 financial report released yesterday showed that Microsoft recorded an additional expense of US$1.2 billion in the second fiscal quarter, due to the company’s decision to lay off 10,000 employees, improve its hardware lineup, and integrate rental facilities. This cost includes 800 million US dollars in employee severance pay, and an average of 540,000 yuan per laid-off employee.

Usain Bolt scammed out of $12.7 million

Recently, the legendary sprint superstar “Lightning” Bolt suffered financial fraud. More than US$12.7 million in his financial account opened at an investment institution disappeared, leaving only US$12,000. According to Bolt’s lawyer, Bolt has opened an investment account in this Jamaican securities investment company called SSL many years ago and has continuously injected tens of millions of dollars in funds. Walter hopes to use these investments to provide for himself and his parents in retirement. But unexpectedly, the funds in the account were secretly debited recently. There was originally $12.8 million in the account, but now there is only $12,000 left. Subsequently, SSL Company claimed that the matter may involve improper fraud by a former employee, which may lead to heavy investment losses of several large customers, and has reported the matter to the police.

Microsoft invests billions more in OpenAI, revamps Azure infrastructure

Recently, Microsoft announced an additional multi-billion-dollar investment in OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence research company, to accelerate its technological breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence. “We have formed a partnership with OpenAI with the shared goal of responsibly advancing cutting-edge AI research and democratizing AI as a platform for new technologies,” Nadella, Microsoft chairman and CEO, said in a statement.

OpenAI detonated the technology circle with the chatbot ChatGPT launched at the end of last year. Microsoft invested 1 billion US dollars in OpenAI in 2019 and invested again in 2021. The specific amount was not disclosed.

In the face of the performance in the second fiscal quarter of 2022, which is not as expected, Microsoft regards AI as the company’s strategic focus. In the just-concluded conference call, Nadella expressed his enthusiasm for Microsoft’s investment in AI dream factory OpenAI, as well as his bullishness for the upcoming wave of artificial intelligence. He believes that more artificial intelligence will help change the Azure infrastructure.

Musk defends the “Tesla privatization tweet case” and may face billions of dollars in damages if he loses the case

On January 23, local time, Tesla CEO Musk testified in court to defend his 2018 tweet that he would take Tesla private. On August 7, 2018, Musk suddenly tweeted that he was considering taking Tesla private at a price of $420 per share, and claimed that “the funds were in place.” Tesla’s stock price closed up 11% that day, but then the media broke out that the funds were not in place, and the stock price turned down. On August 24 of the same year, Musk officially announced the suspension of the privatization process. Investors believed that Musk’s tweets cost them a lot, so they launched a class action lawsuit against Musk. If he loses the lawsuit, Musk could have to pay investors billions of dollars.

On January 23, Musk emphasized in court that the reason why he “felt the funds were in place” at the time was because his own shares in SpaceX alone were enough to support the privatization of Tesla. Musk also emphasized the negotiations with Saudi funds. On July 31, 2018, he met with the head of the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) and obtained the latter’s support. Unexpectedly, the PIF backed down.

If he loses the lawsuit, Musk could have to pay investors billions of dollars. Musk had already been forced to relinquish his position as Tesla’s executive chairman because of this tweet, and the company and individuals paid a total of $40 million in settlement fees to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. (Daily Economic News)

More U.S. colleges ban TikTok from campus networks and devices

In recent months, public universities in various states in the United States have banned TikTok, and the two largest universities in the United States have just followed suit, the University of Texas and Texas A&M University. The recent surge in campus TikTok bans was inspired by executive orders issued by some governors. Public universities in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and now Texas have taken steps to restrict the app Program access, which is blocked from campus Wi-Fi networks and school-owned devices.

It is reported that Texas Governor Greg Abbott (Greg Abbott) ordered Texas agencies to ban government devices from using the app in early December, citing privacy and security issues brought about by TikTok’s owner. Abbott described the concerns as a “growing threat” and gave agencies until mid-February to plan around the changes. (cnBeta)

Google CEO announces pay cuts for senior vice presidents and above

According to the “Wall Street Journal” report, Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) said at an all-hands meeting recently that as part of cost-cutting measures, employees at the senior vice president level and above will cut their bonuses. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, announced last week its first large-scale layoffs since 2009, and it will cut about 12,000 jobs, accounting for 6% of the total workforce.

Replacing Android is out of the question, Google’s Fuchsia OS department has suffered major layoffs

In Google’s mass layoffs, different departments are affected differently by layoffs. According to reports, this wave of layoffs is a serious blow to the Fuchsia OS department. 16% of the employees in the department with more than 400 people are affected. System development will inevitably encounter various difficulties due to manpower problems.

The birth of the Fuchsia OS department was once considered to replace Android. This project has been highly anticipated for many years, but the actual performance is that there is much thunder and little rain. Even if there are products using Fuchsia OS, they are mainly some smart home products, which have not been promoted on smartphones and cannot shake the status of Android. Affected by the big layoffs, the hope of Fuchsia OS replacing Android is even slimmer. (fast technology)

Another technology company announces layoffs, Spotify says it will cut 6% of its workforce

Recently, the music streaming company Spotify stated that the company plans to lay off 6% of its employees, and the layoffs will result in about 35 million euros (currently about 257 million yuan) to 45 million euros (currently about 331 million yuan) related expenses . The company also said Dawn Ostroff, its chief content and advertising officer, will also be leaving.

The iPhone 15 Pro camera will usher in a qualitative change: 5 times the periscope telephoto to catch up with the Android camp

The 2022 iPhone will finally upgrade the 12-megapixel camera that has been in use for 6 years to 48 million pixels. According to the analysis of analyst Jeff Pu, the 2023 iPhone camera will also usher in an important upgrade. Jeff Pu said in a research report that the iPhone in 2023 will reverse direction, and Apple will equip the iPhone 15 Pro with a 5x optical zoom periscope lens for the first time. In addition, analysts also revealed that Apple is in business negotiations with Zhejiang Lante Optics. Zhejiang Lante Optics is expected to become a supplier of periscope telephoto lenses. At present, Apple is conducting sample evaluation and will eventually do it before May. make a decision. If the negotiation is successful, the component supply will reach 100 million. (fast technology)

Tesla will invest $3.6 billion in the United States to build two factories dedicated to the production of electric heavy truck Semi

Recently, Tesla confirmed that it will build a new factory in northern Nevada, USA, specializing in the production of electric heavy truck Semi. Tesla said the total investment of $3.6 billion (approximately 24.408 billion yuan) also includes the construction of a new battery factory to produce the company’s most advanced batteries.

It is reported that Tesla released the Semi electric heavy-duty truck in 2017, but the production capacity has been limited so far. The construction of a new factory shows that Tesla is serious about this electric heavy-duty truck. In December last year, Tesla delivered several trucks to PepsiCo, the first customer of the Semi electric heavy-duty truck. (Netease Technology)

BMW will build an all-solid-state battery pilot production line and launch the first prototype in 2025

Recently, the BMW Group stated in a company announcement that it will start the next stage of joint research and development of all-solid-state batteries with the American start-up company Solid Power, and adopt Solid Power’s all-solid-state battery pilot production line in its own battery manufacturing center (CMCC). Towards the mass production goal of all-solid-state batteries. According to the schedule, Solid Power will deliver a full-scale car battery to the BMW Group for testing in 2023, the first BMW prototype car with an all-solid-state battery is planned to be launched before 2025, and the full-solid-state battery will be realized before 2030. Mass production.

It is understood that in 2011, Solid Power was established under the funding of the University of Colorado Boulder and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. After its establishment, the company has successively received financial support from the US Air Force, the US National Science Foundation and the US Missile Defense Agency. . In 2017, BMW and Solid Power started cooperation on all-solid-state batteries; in 2021, BMW, Ford and other companies invested approximately US$135 million in Solid Power, and promoted Solid Power to be listed on Nasdaq in the United States in December of that year.

Japan plans to open a “century-old department store” in Yuan Universe, Mitsubishi Corporation, Kyoto Prefecture, etc. have joined

Recently, Japan’s “Metaverse Promotion Council” announced that it intends to bring together old companies with a history of more than 100 years since their establishment in the country, and open a “100-year department store” in Metaverse. Currently aiming to bring together 100 companies, we will encourage Japanese sake brewers and miso producers to join. The association also considers that people who visit department stores can also be interested in the characteristics and history of each region through famous products. The association was established in the spring of last year, and about 50 companies and groups including Mitsubishi Corporation, NTT Docomo, Kashima and Kyoto prefectures joined in. (Financial Association)

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