Ministry of Transport: Do a good job in the construction of transport infrastructure and the promotion of cash-for-work in the field of management and protection

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 According to the news from the Titanium Media App on August 5, according to the Ministry of Transport, the General Office of the Ministry of Transport issued a notice on doing a good job in the construction of transportation infrastructure and the promotion of cash-for-work in the field of management and protection. The notice pointed out that the construction and management of transportation infrastructure has a large scale of investment, a wide range of benefits, a strong driving ability, and a great potential to attract local people for employment. Local transportation authorities at all levels should fully understand the importance of promoting food-for-work in the fields of transportation infrastructure construction and management, actively promote the method of food-for-work, and help people find jobs and increase their incomes. The notice further clarified the scope of implementation. First, the key transportation projects. Under the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the project and meeting the schedule requirements, the main project construction and auxiliary temporary construction will be fully explored around key projects such as expressways, ordinary national and provincial trunk lines, border-to-border highways, port and shipping facilities, airports, and highway passenger and freight stations. , construction site service guarantee, post-construction management and maintenance and other aspects of employment potential, balance the relationship between labor contract employment in construction and management and maintenance and labor-for-work labor employment, and as much as possible to attract local people to participate in the way of work-for-relief Construction.

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