green vegetables

At the beginning of April, my mother planted a few cucumber seedlings in the vegetable pool on the roof. After careful care, the harvest was obtained in early May. The cucumber salad made by myself is very popular at home. The pure natural green food has no chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The taste is crisp and delicious. Refreshing, it is a must-have snack to relieve tiredness after a meal; adding yuba, fungus, peanuts and other ingredients to the salad is also appetizing and children love it.


turtle eggs

At the end of April, I saw the big turtles frequenting the sand pool and I was delighted. At the beginning of May, I dug up a few turtle eggs and put them in a vermiculite box to observe for a few days. Unfortunately, they were unfertilized empty eggs and lost them;

In the middle of this month, I have been looking for turtle eggs every three times and five sand ponds. I look forward to this year’s harvest…


Today is Mother’s Day. The family is very lively and the meals are rich. I wish my mother a happy holiday and good health. I also wish you all mothers, happy holidays and forever young!

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