wife to buy cigarettes

Last night, the family of four went home after dinner. They approached the gate of the community and asked my wife and two children to get off the bus first, and asked my wife to go to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes. After I parked the car and came home, my wife said that the shop owner had told her just now.

Are the two girls from your family? You are buying cigarettes for your shopkeeper. In this case, at least you have to smoke a Heilan state!

Store owner, you may not know that I started smoking at least in Heilan before, but now I am really reluctant to smoke at this level. I am not allowed to smoke at work, so I never bring cigarettes when I go out. Basically, I don’t smoke much during the day. cigarette. We are not good-natured people, we smoke the same cigarettes in our own homes, there is no difference in smoking, so the grade is lowered.

When I get through the past few years, the loan will be almost repaid. We can eat whatever we want. Anyway, our two daughters will not marry a daughter-in-law in the future. In a few years, if an electric car is replaced in the entire parking space, the purchase is almost the same, and the last shift is enough to support the family. If you don’t put some pressure on yourself, the pressure will be even greater, and you will suffer more while you are still young. always suffer

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