Mobile phone screen burst & high-speed panic

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phone burst screen

In my impression, there was not much rain in Guangdong last year, which led to the shortage of irrigation in many reservoirs and paddy fields. Looking at this year, it has been raining continuously since the end of last month. Some low-lying roads and heavy rains will flood black spots. There is no sign of stopping the rain. This year’s dragon boat water Unusual.

It is rare to see the sun today, but the weather is still sultry. This must be the tranquility before the storm, which should not be underestimated; the farmers who are engaged in planting and breeding this year will cry to death…

Going far, back to the theme I have always loved my phone. For the past three years, the silicone case tempered glass has been waiting for it to not get a little bump. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a new phone after peeling off the phone case and tempered film. I usually cherish and be cautious, but sometimes there are accidents. I can’t hide it on the first day of the new year, but I can’t hide it on the fifteenth day. Recently, I accidentally dropped my mobile phone on the ground while moving goods on the construction site. I thought it was okay to have a silicone case to protect it. I saw that not only the tempered film but also the outer screen was broken in the upper left corner of the screen, which made my heart feel cold…

Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder cannot tolerate the incompleteness of the upper left corner. The schedule for replacing the external screen must be arranged as soon as possible. The original unremoved label has gradually left me. Recently, I have also visited many mobile phone screen repairs. Between yuan, in fact, X Bao also has an external screen for sale and has a video tutorial for only 20 or 30 yuan, but after reading some comments, many of the cars overturned and they still find local special equipment for reliable..



high speed horror

Let me tell you the good news, if the car breaks down on the highway, just pull over and turn on the double flasher and place the warning triangle without calling. Within ten minutes, a vehicle similar to mobile tire repair will definitely come to you and ask you to tow the car. not far away..

This morning, I sent a batch of goods to Songshan Lake Lens Technology. The whole journey is more than 70 kilometers. When I drove normally to 70 kilometers, I found that the water temperature gauge was abnormally higher than the normal value. I immediately turned on the double flash and pulled over to the side, parked the warning triangle, and opened the cover. Check, the cooling fan is running normally and the flame is turned off. Is the water tank leaking? Then I bent down and looked at the pool of water on the bottom of the car. The water pipe interface was still dripping water. I thought it was over! !

The reason for the high water temperature was found. It is estimated that there is not much water left in the water tank at this time. Fortunately, there are several bottles of Da Yibao tap water in the car. If the water temperature is high, you must not open the water tank cover immediately to add water without finding the cause, otherwise it is easy to burn your hands. In view of the serious water leakage of my machine, there is not much water left in the water tank, so I waited for a few minutes to put on gloves, open the lid and prepare to fill up with water and run down the high speed;

At this time, when I didn’t call for help, a clerk or the boss of a repair shop in the service area came to ask me what the problem was. I said that it might be the leak of the water tank and the water pipe, which caused the high temperature of the engine. He directly said that it would be a trailer for 630 yuan. The trailer is in the back, I wonder if I heard it wrong and confirm with him again that it is 630 yuan! ! He directly refused his service and said that I would drive off after waiting. The guy said with a displeased face that he could still drive and drove away…

I added two bottles of C’estbon to start the car. The water temperature has slowly dropped. I drove the double flash and stepped on the accelerator to the exit. I met the mobile tire repair truck in front of me. It has been slowly in front of me trying to reduce my speed Blocking my way, I immediately got angry and honked the horn several times without moving, looking for a chance to overtake his car for ten minutes and then got off the highway. Looking at the water temperature gauge at a normal level, it seems that the speed of dripping water is not as fast as I thought.

First send the goods to the factory and look for an auto repair shop for repair. During the factory, I did not forget to fill a few large C’estbon bottles with water just in case. , the master got into the hands and feet completely without having to replace it for half an hour, compared to the sky-high towing fee of 630 yuan…!


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