Montmartre Hill

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In late February 1886, Van Gogh arrived in Paris. There, he aimed to develop further as an artist and hoped to sell his work in the city. He moved into his brother Theo’s house. Their small apartment sits at the foot of the Montmartre hill on the northern edge of the city. At that time, the hill had almost no buildings and had a rustic atmosphere.

In spring, Van Gogh explored his surroundings. He painted this panorama of Montmartre from the north in the open air. His deserted fall palette of reddish-browns and tans is still reminiscent of his “Dutch period”. But he is already cautiously experimenting with new colors and lights when using different shades of green, blue and white to create picturesque landscapes.

The almost square brushstrokes slightly to the right of the center of the sky are a modification adopted by Van Gogh himself. This is because a hole is created in the paint layer, making the bottom layer visible. The brushstrokes around it may have somewhat masked this too-obvious correction.

Thanks to the Kühler-Müller Museum , we present today’s paintings. 🙂

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38.1 x 61.1 cm


Kröller-Müller Museum

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