More than 200 listed companies advance employee stock ownership plans

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 Titan Media App reported on July 29, according to the Economic Information Daily, according to the latest announcement date, a total of 216 listed companies have promoted employee stock ownership plans since the beginning of this year. Among them, 132 companies have completed the implementation of the employee stock ownership plan within the year, and another 84 companies are currently in the stage of approval by the general meeting of shareholders or the pre-planning stage of the board of directors. It is worth noting that the "0 yuan" employee stock ownership plans of many companies have been inquired by regulators. Industry insiders said that, as one of the employee incentive methods in the capital market, employee stock ownership plans are more flexible than equity incentive plans, so they are favored by listed companies. However, some listed companies that have launched a "0 yuan" shareholding plan have a relatively small market value and their performance is not outstanding. The sources of funds, performance assessment indicators and implementation reasons behind them require investors' attention and identification.

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