Moviebook Releases ADT Meta Engine to Build Metaverse Content Production Infrastructure

At the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) being held, Moviebook, a leading enterprise in intelligent image production technology, showcased its brand new ADT Meta engine as its next-generation AI infrastructure and the technological core of Metaverse intelligent visual content production .


It is reported that the ADT Meta engine supports AI-driven digital twin visual display, which can create high-dimensional information in space, adjust data simplification statistics, build a bridge between the physical world and the metaverse world, and realize visual interaction. It is a leading domestic product. Self-developed visual technology engine. The person in charge of Moviebook Technology said, “We are constantly upgrading the AI ​​engine and participating in the coming metaverse era with an important role. We believe that the core of the metaverse in the early stage lies in the content construction of digital and real integration, and the ADT Meta engine’s The goal is to provide a reliable, efficient and low-cost way of content production to build realistic virtual content and immersive interactive experiences.”


According to reports, Moviebook’s ADT Meta version expands its engine functions, integrates generative AI technology and digital twin technology more deeply, forms a powerful multi-modal model, and combines software and hardware collaboration capabilities to deepen the support of the digital intelligence base , enrich the content of industry services, consolidate engineering capabilities, and focus on the value of solutions. The Metaverse business, which fully penetrates into the fields of commerce, government affairs, cultural creativity, cultural tourism, and media, creates infinite interactive scenes and stimulates more intense and far-reaching digital economic activities by building digital full-body and virtual-real space.

Ensure standardized and efficient supply with a universal platform

In order to meet the complex needs of customers in multiple industries, the ADT Meta engine aims to develop a general-purpose AI platform with multiple AI technologies and key resource support, providing cloud computing power support, integrated data governance tools, general The model development capability is characterized by generality, reusability, and businessness, and in the process, the standardization of the technical asset portfolio is continuously improved, and the rapid assembly and deployment of industry-specific solutions are realized, so as to achieve high efficiency and low cost. Cost and large-scale AI twin capability output.

One of the biggest challenges in building the Metaverse is to provide high-quality content generation technology bases and solutions. The ADT Meta engine selects people, objects, and fields as the entry point and basic elements for the production of metaverse visual content, becoming a pioneer in the industrialized production of metaverse visual content. Relying on the capabilities of digital bionic interaction, 3D modeling and reconstruction, mature AI algorithms and stable engineering, the ADT engine fully activates the digital full body (object), digital scene reconstruction (field), and digital virtual avatar (human) of the Metaverse. ), through a highly compatible third-party interface, to build a technical base for the production of Metaverse visual content. Relying on the strong industrial link capability, we will help partners in different fields to accelerate the process of building the Metaverse.

Stable Engineering Capability Builds Metaverse Content Productivity

The comprehensive solution framework provided by Moviebook’s ADT Meta engine is composed of multiple algorithm modules such as computer vision, digital bionic interaction, 3D model reconstruction, and structured synthesis rendering engine. Inclusiveness, compatibility, agility, economy and efficiency.

For example, the business metaverse supported by ADT Meta can help customers quickly build self-controllable metaverse businesses, including a one-stop digital commodity generation platform, virtual shops and markets, and a visual and interactive user experience and marketing system based on intelligent vision . Moviebook’s head of technology said that the business metaverse will integrate other aspects of online life, such as shopping and social media. In the business field, the metaverse can be imagined as a 3D store, or a community of users, where people can communicate, shop and have fun , just like real commercial shopping. Metaverse removes the barriers between humans and machines in a technological way, enabling personalized automatic services that combine virtual and real. In addition, the ADT Meta engine can also play a role in cultural entertainment, cultural tourism scenic spots, government affairs, media and other fields, and help customers form new core values ​​in the digital economy and metaverse era.

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