Musk: Only good people can work remotely or from home

In the early morning of June 17th, Beijing time, Musk had a conversation with Twitter employees on Thursday, local time. At the staff meeting, Musk said that any layoffs will be considered based on performance standards, and only “excellent contributors” should be Allowing remote or home-based work, the undefined priority is to boost revenue and improve the product, and Musk did not say whether he is committed to acquiring Twitter.

Musk outlined a vision for Twitter to have 1 billion users, and offered options such as a subscription model and charging users to verify accounts. Musk also said that advertising is still important to Twitter’s business model, but that both the advertising and subscription options make him more worried about bots.

The biggest concern among Twitter employees is Musk’s views on remote work. Musk said that only “good contributors” should be allowed to work remotely or from home, and that too many people are addicted to the idea of ​​remote work. As a private company, Twitter’s compensation structure is similar to SpaceX’s, with stock and option awards and liquidity windows every six months, he said.

Any layoffs will be considered based on performance criteria, Musk said. The priority, he said, is to earn above-cost revenue and improve the product. Musk said that if the deal goes through, he doesn’t care if he gets the CEO job.

Musk said he supports “moderate politics” and that he is “very close to the center.” The world’s richest man also said he would allow a variety of different views on the platform, including extreme views within the law.

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