Musk’s SpaceX Star Chain plan is greatly upgraded: iPhone/Android phones can be used directly

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Musk’s SpaceX’s key business, Starlink, currently has more than 2,500 satellites in use and more than 500,000 global subscribers.

However, it is still relatively troublesome to use the Starlink satellite network service, and a “pot” is needed on the ground, that is, a butterfly antenna receiving device that is plugged into a power supply.

After investigation, it is shown in the latest document submitted by SpaceX to the FCC that it is planning to provide services in the 2GHz frequency band. This frequency not only means that the signal penetration ability and coverage will be greatly improved, but also it is more friendly to small devices such as smartphones, and the delay is as low as less than 50ms, which is almost imperceptible.

Regarding how to achieve this, SpaceX said that Swarm, an IoT nano-satellite communication company acquired in August last year, has relevant technical solutions. They will consider adding new modules to Starlink satellites and producing a new small mobile device.

It is worth mentioning that the 2GHz frequency band is currently occupied by the operator DISH Network, but the two satellites it relies on are “old antiques” launched more than ten years ago.

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