My confusion with social media

responsibility between friends

There is no social media between, even though I have a different point of view than the people around me. Because they eat and live together, work together, play together, look down and see each other, those whose values ​​are contrary to each other have assumed the responsibility of being friends.

With social media, people can quickly find “like-minded” friends, philosophical, artistic, and political views, but the relationship between people is limited to the friendship of God, to be precise, the friendship of likes. When the ancient Du Fu was suffering from hunger and cold, Gao Shi also sent him some money. Boya Ziqi on the Internet does not have to bear the responsibility and cost of each other in real life. I am sick, they will not come to see me; I am short of food, they will not bring me food. Is this kind of mutual irresponsibility a true friendship?

Debate disorder

Social media has also accelerated the fragmentation of the crowd. People are labeling each other, and they are incompatible. You scold me as a capitalist roader, and I scold you as a little pink. You love TCM, I scoff at TCM. When everyone discusses the problem, it is not a syllogism, but greets each other’s parents first.

pull black

When I blocked some people, I was hesitant in my heart. After so many years of friendship, is it necessary to put a line on this matter? I’m not necessarily right, even if I’m right, everyone is bounded rationality, and I’m still mentally retarded in front of more rational people. Since they are all mentally handicapped, why block each other?

If you block all the people who don’t have an appetite, you will find that there are not many friends left.

If you don’t block it, you have to carefully hide your inner values ​​from each other. Send the right content to the right people in groups. Although it is polite on the surface, this general friendship is like a plastic flower. Although it is gorgeous, it has no substantial resonance.

How to respect elders?

I hardly watch family groups. Because my mother-in-law releases a bunch of fraudulent information, fake news, pyramid schemes, and headline parties on WeChat every day.

If parents have different values ​​from their own, is opinion more important, or is kinship more important? Is it necessary to add a precondition of “same values” in honoring one’s parents?

Rationally, I feel that I should honor my parents, but emotionally, I am secretly glad that I no longer live with her. My mother-in-law was brainwashed by a pyramid scheme, and every day forced us to join her in her grand plan. The three years when I first had a child was a nightmare for me. Living with her, I wasted a lot of time resisting her every day, explaining to her that she was deceived.

Condemning Injustice and Safeguarding Yourself

Injustice happens in society, if we want to condemn it, how should we grasp the scale of condemnation? If you condemn too much, those who like plain things will feel that you are an alien, discordant, angry, trolls, and start to block you, and even children will have to bear this kind of pressure.

But every day I share some food and drink, money house, travel and skiing, and life insights. This kind of silence makes me feel like I’m complicit in the dark forces. If one day injustice happens to me, other people will pretend to be asleep.

I only have questions, no answers, maybe there will be answers later.

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