My Douban Book Video Game Alternative Another Attempt: Notion Spirit Warehouse


Links first: Salt and pepper ostrich’s spiritual warehouse has temporarily joined hiking trail review in addition to books, movies, and tours. The content is manually updated by me + Douban synchronization (thanks to Zhuzi for this tutorial), and the Douban synchronization part has been slightly modified to suit my own needs. For the time being, there are the following functions: Automatically synchronize my Douban marked items that have been read, watched, played, ratings, short reviews, labels and covers, etc. Manually maintained hiking trail review Reading/watching/playing/walking) Recommended items (sorted by rating and rating time) Different categories (for example, movies and TV have themes such as Netflix, documentaries, Chinese, and stand-up, and games have main perspective, top-down perspective, pixel style, etc., which is convenient for viewing categories recommend)…

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