IP Traffic Monitoring Software DU Meter v7.30

There are not many traffic monitoring online, and it is relatively simple to find them, or it is a very complicated packet capture tool. It is difficult to see how much traffic a certain IP or program consumes! Well, with IP traffic monitoring software DU Meter, a professional-level software, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can use it not only on your home computer, but also in a server IIS environment! Solved the big problem of the editor, the editor of the KK download station provides you with a cracked green portable version, which can be used after decompression!

Screenshot of DU Meter software

DU Meter software function introduction:

1. Displays an intuitive network bandwidth meter, both digital and graphical.
2. Let you clearly see the data transmission when browsing and uploading and downloading.
3. Monitor your upload and download speed in real time. It also has a certain effect on the prevention of viruses.
For example: You don’t browse the web, you don’t send and receive Mail, and you don’t open QQ to chat with others, but you keep uploading. You have to be careful about this, it is not poisoned, or it is a Trojan horse.
4. You can also observe cumulative statistical data such as daily flow, weekly flow, and monthly flow. There are also functions such as limit alarms.

DU Meter software highlights:

1. You can view the IP connected to the computer – how much traffic is used from your computer or server;

2. It can monitor TCP and UDP ports~

3. Usage scenario: Does the computer use a lot of broadband inexplicably? You can use this software to correct which program or a certain IP

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