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I was short-sighted in the third year of junior high school. Although I had a vague understanding of true and false myopia, I also deeply realized that it is impossible to overcome false myopia in the third year of junior high school, so I went without a struggle. With glasses. At that time in Fuzhou, there was a chain store called “Treasure Island Glasses”. I don’t know if it has anything to do with Taiwan. Anyway, the logo is in traditional Chinese characters, and the store looks very formal. My mother took me there. Because it was related to preparing for the high school entrance examination, I didn’t dare to neglect me when I was sitting in the back row of the class. Although I was only 100 degrees, I still acted as a “cultural man” with seriousness. I’m pretty, because there aren’t many people in the class who wear glasses, and the vanity in my heart, who likes to be independent since I was a child, is fully satisfied. Later, with the development of the body, the degree of myopia also continued to rise, rising at a rate of 100 degrees a year, until the second year of high school at the end of puberty, and stabilized at 300 degrees. At that time, the mood was very complicated. On the one hand, I was happy that my myopia would not deepen, on the other hand, I was disappointed that my youth was over.

In any case, I have changed several pairs of glasses over the years. When I was young, my parents took me to choose, but it was mainly price-oriented. When I grow up, I still maintain a good character of diligence and thrift. Anyway, it is almost the same. I look good with glasses (here is a ✌️). Probably because my atrium is relatively long, and I have a pair of glasses to reconcile my face to look more regular (Zhu Yilong has the same face (smelly shameless)), so I have always been content. When I was in college, I followed the trend and tried contact lenses, and I wanted to applaud myself for the superb wearing skills. Even so, because there are too many things about contact lenses, I was “broken off” later, which may be the lazy fall. After I came to frame glasses, I gradually began to care about beauty and ugliness. Although I am suitable for wearing glasses, there is still a difference between “suitable” and “more suitable”. There are two well-known cost-effective chain optical shops in Japan, namely Zoff and JINS. The earliest I bought glasses from Zoff, I can’t remember what kind of glasses I bought. Later, I saw gold-rimmed round-frame glasses in JINS, and I loved them all. They were equipped with anti-blue light lenses. I found that the chromatic aberration was very unfriendly to me, who made a living from vision, so I didn’t like them very much. Later, when I got pregnant and gave birth, I didn’t wear glasses very much at home, so it didn’t matter that much. Until Popo was born, I fell in love with a pair of dark green gradient black-rimmed glasses at JINS while pushing her to go shopping, and bought them after struggling for a few weeks. This time, I learned the lessons from the experience and equipped with ordinary lenses, the chromatic aberration is gone, and I can happily make P pictures again! Because both pairs of “love mirrors” were matched by JINS, I later kicked Zoff out of the shopping circle after intermittently breaking up with them. A while ago, I took an opportunity to go in for a short walk after a few years, and found that the design is still somewhat improved. Anyway, it is similar to JINS, so let’s maintain the status quo of the special favor.

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One is bigger than the other

The dark green gradient black-rimmed glasses have a thinner frame and look more foreign. The shape of the frame is rounded at the top and bottom, which nicely modifies my diamond-shaped face, and I just can’t put it down. But a while ago, I suddenly discovered that I could see better without glasses, and then I realized that this pair of glasses may be dying, so I went to JINS to pick and choose. It’s a pity that the luck was not very good this time, and I didn’t find the one I fell in love with at first sight. In fact, this pair of frames is still on sale, but since I decided to dress in all white , I wanted to wear light-colored glasses, so I ended up choosing a pair of glasses with a clear acrylic frame and a light-gold metal frame, and matched them with The recently very popular “dimming lenses”. Dimming lenses, as the name suggests, can change the color of the lens according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays. In places where the UV rays are very weak, such as indoors, the lenses are completely transparent, just like ordinary glasses. In places with strong ultraviolet rays, the lenses will become the color you specify (I chose brown). Although it can’t reach the depth of sunglasses, it is more than enough to be “tinted glasses”. The actual use experience is not bad, it can filter out some strong light, and the eyes can feel better. But because of the embarrassing positioning that it is not enough and more than the next, I will probably not repurchase it. Usually obediently wearing a hat is not better than nothing.

I like the current glasses frame and color scheme, but the shape still prefers the previous pair. It is always difficult to have both fish and bear’s paws. But I have to say that the new glasses are clear, and maybe even because I have adapted to the old glasses with “messy lenses”, my vision has improved a little. The old glasses have been worn for nearly three years. I checked online and the life expectancy of the glasses is almost two or three years. For someone like me who wears glasses every day and likes to clean them, the wear will only be faster, and even the frame itself is a little crooked, so I gave up the idea of ​​just changing the lenses and honestly picked up a new pair of glasses. The old glasses are now kept by me in the company as spares, and they will be lost in a year and a half. The golden round frame is still there, and it is really suitable for me, but because I have had some trouble with round sunglasses, this time I want to avoid repeating the same mistakes, so I chose square glasses with a larger area. However, I still like the round frame very much. I plan to replace the next pair with “anti-fogging lenses”, and the round frame can be arranged.

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